SARGANT FURY – Do You Remember: The Anthology [3-CD Set Remastered] Out Of Print

SARGANT FURY - Do You Remember: The Anthology [3-CD Set Remastered] full

This Box Set was requested 2 years ago (yes!), it happens to be so hard to find because it was a limited edition, now out of print. I am talking about “Do You Remember: The Anthology [3-CD Set Remastered]” by great – criminally underrated – German melodic rockers SARGANT FURY.

Sargant Fury was one of those bands that seemed to exist just under the radar, going unnoticed by just about everyone – except the Japanese, who have proven time and again that they know a good thing when they hear it.
The band, which featured English singer Andrew “Mac” McDermott (who would go on to sing for UK’s premiere progressive metal act Threshold on their best albums), had a polished, melodic sound that was similar to bands like Giant, Firehouse, Steeheart and Tyketto, but with a uniquely European feel.

Working with the top producers in the field, like Tommy Newton (UFO, Helloween, Crystal Ball), Charlie Bauerfeind (Gotthard, Saxon) and Sascha Paeth (Avantasia, Kamelot), Sargant Fury issued a string of first rate melodic rock albums in the first half of the ’90s.

Until now, these albums were only available as pricey, out of print Japanese imports. Fortunately, reissue label Divebomb Records made the complete Sargant Fury catalog available again with the box set “Do You Remember: The Anthology”.
Here’s what the limited run set has to offer:

Disc 1 – “Still Want More” ;
Released at the height of the arena rock era, Sargant Fury’s 1991 debut album probably would have been a huge hit in the US if it had received even a fraction of the attention it deserved. Victory’s mainman Tommy Newton produced this one, and supplied some backing vocals.
“Still Want More” is where Sargant Fury sounds like a mix of Giant, Bad English and Firehouse, soaring vocals, catchy choruses an ‘that’ polished, glossy sound.

SARGANT FURY - Do You Remember: The Anthology [3-CD Set Remastered] box set

Disc 2 – “Little Fish”
Production duties on the band’s 1993 album were handled by Charlie Baurfeind, whose work with Angra and Gamma Ray (and later Gotthard, Saxon, Helloween, et all) made him one of the top producers in the metal genre. Victory’s Fernando Garcia and Ralf Scheepers (then of Gamma Ray and now of Primal Fear) made guest appearances on this album, which included a memorable cover of Abba’s “Eagle.” Sargant Fury beat Rob Rock to the punch on that one.
This album is more hard rock oriented, with straight riffs and a groovy foundation driven by mammoth bass lines / sound.

Disc 3 – “Turn The Page”
Released in 1995, this was the band’s final album. For any other band, this probably would have been the album where they made a weak attempt at going grunge.
Fortunately Sargant Fury stuck to their guns, the result of which may be the strongest of their three albums. Charlie Bauerfeind again produced this one, alongside noted twiddler Sascha Paeth. Saxon guitarist Paul Quinn makes an appearance on the album, as do Bauerfeind and Paeth.
“Turn The Page” includes a pair of cover songs – the Flashdance anthem “Maniac” (beating Firewind to that one by more than a decade) and Bad Company’s “Can’t Get Enough.”
This is a classic hard rocking rocking album, challenging the trend of the moment (depressingly grunge) and resulted quite successful in Japan.

SARGANT FURY - Do You Remember: The Anthology [3-CD Set Remastered] box back

There isn’t any bonus material in this set, but all the albums have all been digitally remastered, which is the real bonus. Just the fact that they’re all available in one affordable package is reason for melodic rock collectors to celebrate.

If you’re a fan of the aforementioned bands bands and classic early Nineties melodic / hard sound (early Threshold as well), and missed Sargant Fury the first time around, you’ll definitely want to add “Do You Remember: The Anthology” to your collection.
Divebomb Records only issued 1000 sets – no digital download – now, of course out of print with used copies being sold for over $300.
HIGHLY Recommended

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DISC 1 : Still Want More (1991) Remastered
01 Still You Want More
02 No. 9
03 Mindgames
04 Love Me
05 Stand Up
06 Me
07 Do You Remember
08 Love On The Run
09 Slow ‘N Easy
10 Just One Night
11 Losing Control
12 Don’t You Know

DISC 2 : Little Fish (1993) Remastered
01 Out
02 New Direction
03 No. 7
04 Little Fish
05 Eagle
06 T.T.A.
07 Goodbye
08 Change
09 Eternal Champion
10 Wrong Place – Wrong Time
11 Tomorrow

DISC 3 : Turn The Page (1995) Remastered
01 Turn The Page
02 Best I Can
03 Crack In The Mirror
04 Time
05 KY Jelly (God Above)
06 No Other Way
07 Maniac
08 Without You
09 Main Attraction
10 Can’t Get Enough
11 Lucky Day
12 From A Distance

Andrew McDermott – Vocals
Kal Steffen – Guitars
Olaf Grosser – Guitars
Bauke de Groot – Bass
Helko Helke – Drums
Carsten Rebenstach – Bass on disc 3


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