JOHNNY LIMA – Johnny Lima + Made In California [remastered +4] (2017)

JOHNNY LIMA - Johnny Lima + Made In California [remastered +4] (2017) full

Long time out of print JOHNNY LIMA albums – his self-titled debut from 1996 and 2003′s ‘Made In California’ – have been made available again in a 2-CD remastered package, including 4 previously unreleased tracks from the same recording sessions. “Johnny Lima + Made In California [remastered +4]” are two really good albums essential into your classy Melodic Rock collection.

Johnny Lima’s debut album was self-financed / released and it was very much against the musical flow back in 1996 being full of hook filled ’80s style melodic rock.
The album has been something of a collector’s item and easy to see why with some little gems in the form of ‘Little Runaway’ or ‘If I Had A Heart’, among others.

This remastered reissue adds two bonus songs, the Bon Jovi sounding ‘Fire Of Love’ (Johnny Lima does sound uncannily like Jon Bon Jovi at times) and the upbeat melodic rock of ’Drift Away’.
Had this album been originally released back in the late ’80s it would have been a monster.

JOHNNY LIMA - Johnny Lima + Made In California [remastered +4] (2017) discs

“Made In California” should be in any self-respecting lover of melodic rock’s album collection, a real ‘must have’.
There are so many classic songs on here from the title track opener, through to the insanely catchy chorus on ‘Go On, Go Away’ and the lighters-aloft ballad ‘We’ve Got Tonight’. There is even a catchy rocked up cover of the Beatles’ classic ‘Help!’.

There are again two bonus songs on this reissue, ‘Rock N Roll Generation’ and ‘She Gets Around’, both feature tasty guitar riffs and big choruses, melodic rock at its best.

JOHNNY LIMA - Johnny Lima + Made In California [remastered +4] (2017) back

What are you waiting for? If you don’t have these albums in your collection go and buy a copy now, and those who are lucky enough to have both in its original release, these reissues are well worth having for the remastering and the four previously unreleased bonus songs.
HIGHLY Recommended

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“Johnny Lima” Remastered:
01 – Never Gonna Let U Go
02 – Little Runaway
03 – Here For You
04 – Rock ‘N Roll River
05 – Crazy
06 – If I Had A Heart
07 – Speak Of The Devil
08 – Another Lonely Day
09 – Something’s Gotta Change
10 – Into Your Arms
11 – Reckless Heart
12 – Fly Angel
13 – Fire Of Love *
14 – Drift Away *

“Made In California” Remastered
01 – Made In California
02 – Best Night Of My Life
03 – The Chosen One
04 – Go On, Go Away
05 – We’ve Got Tonight
06 – Another Girl
07 – Help
08 – Love Ain’t Enough
09 – Something About You
10 – Where Are You Know
11 – Welcome To My Paradise
12 – Rock N Roll Generation *
13 – She Gets Around *

* previously unreleased

Johnny Lima (vocals, guitar, bass, drums)
Brent De Leo (keyboards, backing vocals)
Ritchie Cedillo (guitar)
Tim Breen (guitar)
Craig Launer (guitar)
Craig Takeshita (lead guitar)
Vince Sigala (lead guitar)
Jason Granucci (lead guitar)
Vince Bedford (drums)


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