HERMAN FRANK – Fight The Fear (2019)

HERMAN FRANK - Fight The Fear (2019) full

With the first three albums HERMANN FRANK and his comrades-in-arms caused storms of enthusiasm in both the press and the fans. The ex Accept / Victory guitarist and his band are presenting tomorrow their fourth opus titled “Fight The Fear”, cast in the same mold as the previous; classic melodic metal in the European fashion.

Together with MASTERPLAN front vocalist Rick Altzi, guitarist Heiko Schröder, former RAGE drummer André Hilgers and JADED HEART bassist Michael Müller, the musicians show that this is the perfect teamwork for a close-knit band instead of a mere one-man show of the name giver.
With razor-sharp riffs, hell for leather solos, consistently delivered high-class vocals between melody and heaviness, and a rhythm section that drives every single song forward like a clockwork, HERMANN FRANK presents a flawless metal album in a traditional fashion.

The opener “Until The End” goes like a train and sets the pace, “Terror” is a top-notch stomper whose sinister groove perfectly fits with the lyric’s mood, “Hail Row” takes a breather, shortly afterwards it gathers speed and no prisoners are taken, until the ballad “Lost In Heaven” is an epic number inspired by the greatest names from the genre.

There isn’t a real highlight during most of the record, as every track feels heterogeneous and familiar, but the final part of the effort holds a precious gem. “Wings of Destiny” is fierce, bombastic and epic in the right amount, contrasting with the constant atmosphere provided thus far. It’s by far the best song in the album and one of Herman Frank’s best ever, as the verses and bridge feel fresh and organic, while the chorus completely blows away every bit of safe-playing you’d expect from a traditional melodic metal album.

“Fight The Fear” is yet another quality release by Herman Frank, especially in the sense of continuity and sticking to the band’s – and Herman’s own – roots. The album will definitely please those seeking for a laid back / midtempo, enjoyable taste of Teutonic melodic metal.

01. Until The End
02. Fear
03. Terror
04. Sinners
05. Hatred
06. Hail & Row
07. Hitman
08. Stay Down
09. Rock You
10. Don’t Cross The Line
11. Are You Ready
12. Wings Of Destiny
13. Waiting For The Night
14. Lost In Heaven

Herman Frank – Guitars (ex Accept, Victory)
Rick Altzi – Vocals (At Vance, Masterplan)
Heiko Schröder – Guitars
Michael Müller – Bass (Jaded Heart)
André Hilgers – Drums (ex Rage, Silent Force)


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