LANCE KING – ReProgram (2019)

LANCE KING - ReProgram (2019) full

Vocalist extraordinaire LANCE KING is back with a new album titled “ReProgram”, to be released in a couple of days. Though he’s calling this record ‘celestial metal’, the closest comparison I can state is Queensryche’s ‘Rage For Order’ album as far as style and feel, King’s formidable vocals soaring over plenty of classy & progressive arrangements.

It’s quickly apparent as you start to make your way though “ReProgram” that this is one hell of an accessible and catchy album, the vocal melodies of the title track and “Pointing Fingers” are instantly memorable, the guitar riffs tight and metallic, the rhythms driving and compact, and with the right splattering of keys, it makes for a very welcoming opening barrage.

With 11 tracks and each roughly 5+ minutes long, there’s plenty of material here to dig into. “Stand Your Ground” continues on the trend of thought provoking, hook laden, proggy metal, again the images of vintage ’80s Queensryche looming large.
The pratfalls of the human race having way too much technology at their disposal is the theme for the futuristic rocker “Technology”, a tune that also contains a tasty guitar solo.

“Reaction Formation” is full of textures and haunting melodies, King hitting some great heights with his tremendous vocal range, while the grinding, boiling metal juggernaut “Limitless” contains some of the albums heaviest and grooviest riffs, easily a top highlight on “ReProgram”.
Intricate drum fills and atmospheric riffs permeate the crunchy “Wide Open” (I hear a little Dream Theater influence on this one in spots), and having the terrific Mattias IA Eklundh (Freak Kitchen) droping a guitar solo is plus.

The fast paced and complex “Chaotica” certainly brings the ’80s metal progressive elements to the forefront, but all is so catchy that you can’t stop to tap your foot.
The back end of the album doesn’t let up one bit either, with the ultra-melodic “Spell of Domestication” having a cinematic symphonic flair, while “Perfect World” being rich with soaring vocal harmonies and perhaps the catchiest cut on the album.

LANCE KING - ReProgram (2019) disc

10-minute closer “A Mind at War” is album’s epic, chock full of majestic keys and mighty riffing, King putting on a clinic with a myriad of vocal styles as the band cooks on every level. Another shining moment on a very strong album.

Honestly, there’s so much to like here on “ReProgram”, an album brimming with relevant lyrical content, hooks galore, top notch vocals, and challenging rocking / progressive musical arrangements.
I love Lance King’s works since he fronted Balance Of Power (awesome band), and “ReProgram” is for sure one of his finest albums to date.
Don’t miss this one folks. HIGHLY Recommended

01. ReProgram
02. Pointing Fingers
03. Stand Your Ground
04. Technology
05. Reaction Formation
06. Limitless
07. Wide Open
08. Chaotica
09. Spell of Domestication
10. Perfect World
11. A Mind at War

Lance King – Vocals
Kim Olesen – Guitars, Keyboards
Markus Sigfridsson – Guitars, Keyboards
Matt Hodsdon – Guitars, Keyboards
Rich Hinks – Bass
Morten Gade Srensen – Drums
Fred Columbo – Keyboards
Mattias IA Eklundh – Guitar solo on ‘Wide Open’
Jakob Riis – Bass on ‘ReProgram’ and ‘Technology’

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