MARK FREE – Long Way From Love [Frontiers 2-CD remastered reissue] Out Of Print

MARK FREE - Long Way From Love [Frontiers 2-CD remastered reissue] full

This is another request, the expanded 2CD, remastered reissue of Long Way From Love”, the first official MARK FREE solo album. A must have in your AOR collection, this is easily among the best 10 albums from the genre released during the Nineties.

We could say that “Long Way From Love” is that kind of rare jewels you need to keep. With the help of uber talented duo mother-daughter Robin Randall & Judithe Randall to co-write, Free delivers here some of his finest songs.
The album however opens with a killer version of ‘Someday You’ll Come Running’ – a song by British AORsters FM and also recorded by Airkraft.

All songs are pure AOR gold, with Free unique vocals at the center stage.
You can’t resist the pulse and atmosheres of ‘Stranger Amoung Us’, ‘The last Time’, ‘Hard Heart to Break’ or ‘State of Love”, all songs that sould be placed in the ‘Hall of Fame’ of the AOR genre.

MARK FREE - Long Way From Love [Frontiers 2-CD remastered reissue] discs

Some people argue that “Long Way From Love” is not that stronger in musical performances or production.
Maybe, but you know what? It has MAGIC.
You know what I mean… and if not, what are you waiting for? “Long Way From Love” is a mandatory listen.

MARK FREE - Long Way From Love [Frontiers 2-CD remastered reissue] back

This remastered reissue by Frontiers Music has ‘cleaned & enhanced’ the whole thing, but the real interest comes with the awesome bonus disc. Features Mark Free’s performance at The Godz festival – very, very enjoyable – and a bunch of treasurable previously unreleased tracks.


01 – Someday You’ll Come Running
02 – Stranger Among Us
03 – Coming Back For More
04 – The Last Time
05 – Hard Heart To Break
06 – High Life
07 – State Of Love
08 – Slow Down The Night
09 – Look Love In The Eyes
10 – Never Be A Next Time
11 – Long Way From Love

The Godz 1993 – Live
01 – Someday You’ll Come Running
02 – State Of Love
03 – Stranger Among Us
04 – The Last Time
05 – Coming Back For More
06 – Liar
07 – Wake Up You Little Fool
08 – Only The Strong Will Survive
09 – Who Cries Now
10 – Iron Eagle (Never Say Die)
Studio Bonus Tracks:
11 – In It For The Long Run
12 – What Happened To Love
13 – Never Could Call It Love
14 – Smoke And Mirrors
15 – Dyin’ For Your Love
16 – State Of Love (Duet with Diana Dewitt)

Mark Free – lead and backing vocals
Diana Dewitt – lead and backing vocals
Paul Lewolt – guitar, bass
Tomie Reeves – keyboard, bass, drum programming
Steve Hopkins – keyboard, bass, drum programming
Roger Larocque – drums
Terence Elliot – guitar
Tim Godwin – guitar
Pierre Gauthier – guitar
Tony Sciuto – guitar
Dirk Price – guitar
Troy Dexter – guitar
Danny Jacob – guitar
Claude Gaudette – keyboards
Robin Randall – keyboards
Paul Markovich – keyboards
Sylan Boulduc – bass
Joel Hamilton – bass
Joan Stone – backing vocals
Erik Scott – bass, drum programming

Out Of Print

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