YOUNG GUN : Bite The Bullet + BUGSY MALONE : Bugsy Malone [Retrospect Remastered]

YOUNG GUN : Bite The Bullet + BUGSY MALONE : Bugsy Malone [Remastered] full

These little babies wuere requested by one of you and well worth the listen: YOUNG GUN‘s Bite The Bullet and BUGSY MALONE‘s self-titled Bugsy Malone. These two indie releases were remastered / reissued for the first time on CD some time ago, now out of print.

Hailing from from Vancouver, British Columbia, YOUNG GUN hit the Canadian rock scene in the second half of the ’80s, and recorded this “Bite The Bullet” in Burnaby, BC, released in 1989.
Larry Gillstrom (Kick Axe) production is excellent, and listening to great melodic hard rock songs such as title track, “Kiss Away”, “Trouble” or “Lady, one only can guess how the band never hit the big-time.

Young Gun had the chops, the ability to drop a catchy chorus, and even the proper looks for the genre. While the EP was successful – sold out – the band didn’t secured a recording contract and split the next year.
Three members formed a nuew band called Fury (recording an album in 1993 but finally released 2002) and the other two went to play in Kick Axe.
Impressive 1989 melodic hard rock with that unique Canadian touch.

American 4-piece BUGSY MALONE is one of the most unknown – and good – unsigned melodic hard rock bands from the late ’80 / early ’90s US scene.
They managed to record this 8-track album released in 1991, and let me tell you the songwriting / production is second to none. Mixing late Eighties hair metal with 1990-91 pristine, clear melodic hard harmonies, all songs hear bounce with hooky verses and catcy choruses.

Some kind of a mix between Hurricane, Baton Rouge and Firehouse, tracks like “Vixen”, the synth-laced AORish midtempo “Desire Never Lies”, the driving “Walk Away” and the very good power ballad “Just A Memory” will make your day.
Highly Recommended


YOUNG GUN : Bite The Bullet (Remastered)
01 – Bite the Bullet
02 – Trouble
03 – Desire
04 – Lady
05 – Save Your Love
06 – Kiss Away

Chris Comely – vocals
Brett Anthony – guitars
Brian – guitars
David Valentine – bass
Paul – drums


BUGSY MALONE : Bugsy Malone [Remastered]
01 – Vixen
02 – Sweet, Young & Vulnerable
03 – This Time
04 – Desire Never Lies
05 – Stick To Your Guns
06 – Lonely Soldier
07 – Just A Memory
08 – Walk Away

Scotty Brown – lead vocals, guitar, bass
Chuck Millette – guitars, vocals, bass
Paul Cvitkovich – guitars, keyboards, vocals
Gary Stafford – drums, vocals


Out Of Print

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