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BEAUVOIR / FREE - American Trash (2015) full

In the early Nineties Jean Beauvoir and Micki Free formed Crown Of Thorns, a pearl of a melodic rock band in the midst of grunge, and perhaps saving the whole genre by giving hope. Crown Of Thorns was an unexpected success and their debut album wrote a page of the American melodic hard rock history.
The winds of fortune have pushed both musicians to re-unite in a new musical collaboration, BEAUVOIR / FREE, with a debut album “American Trash” to be released by Frontiers Music.

There’s an obvious musical chemistry between Beauvoir and Free, it happened in the past and it showcases here. Simply, this is classic Melodic Hard Rock with a modern sound treatment, lots of melody and some catchiness.
There’s some pure melodic rockers here, heavy and edgy, with ‘Shotgun to the Heart’, the punchy ‘Angels Cry’, ‘Whiplash’, and the racing and anthemic ‘There’s Not Starting Over’.
Beauvoir / Free turn things more edgy with the crunchy pair of ‘Morning After’ and ‘Cold Dark December’, the former with a pretty elaborated arrangement both in the riffs and the rhythm section.

Among the midtempo / balladry AORish tunes you have’Just Breathe’, and in my opinion one of the album highlights, ‘Never Give Up’ rich in superb harmonies and a including akiller guitar solo.

BEAUVOIR / FREE - American Trash - back

Beauvoir / Free did some magic in the past writing together some of Crown Of Thorns’s finest songs. The duo know the classic melodic hard rock game like few, and created some really enjoyable new tunes here for this new venture.
They know how to craft a catchy riff and a major melodic chorus, and how harmonize the layers of vocals to create an amazing melodic delivery
“American Trash” is a really strong and good slice of timeless US Melodic Hard Rock / AOR from two talented musicians which, let’s hope, continue working together soon.
HIGHLY Recommended

01 – Angels Cry
02 – Morning After
03 – American Trash
04 – Whiplash
05 – Just Breathe
06 – Shotgun To The Heart
07 – Never Give Up
08 – Cold Dark December
09 – It’s Never Too Late
10 – She’s a K.O.
11 – There’s No Starting Over

Jean Beauvoir – Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboards, Orchestration
Micki Free – Electric & Acoustic Guitar


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