D-A-D – A Prayer For The Loud (2019)

D-A-D - A Prayer For The Loud (2019)

Danish rockers D-A-D will release their first album in eight years, “A Prayer For The Loud” on May 31 via AFM Records. The follow-up to 2011’s “DIC.NII.LAN.DAFT.ERD.ARK” harks back to the core of what D-A-D does better than most: four guys who play thrilling rock music with ferocious energy, catchy songs and an infectious commitment. “A Prayer For The Loud” has a clear musical link to classic D-A-D albums: quality Scandinavian melodic hard rock.

Being together as a band for almost 40 years now, D-A-D is a legend in the Danish / Scandinavian hard rock scene, who managed to survive the onset of grunge when most arena rockers perished through to eventually becoming the band they are today and have been since the release of ‘Everything Glows’ back in 2000.
An album which coincidentally not only saw the band change their name to D-A-D but also saw the band’s newest member Laust Sonne join the core trio of the band (singer/guitarist Jesper Binzer, bassist Stig Pedersen and guitarist Jacob Binzer) behind the drum kit.
So, what does almost two decades of being (this version of) D-A-D actually sound like?

Well, remember those days when new albums by the likes of Aerosmith and AC/DC used to leave you thrilled and wanting more? That’s instantly how I felt about ‘A Prayer For The Loud’, as both those hard rock giants sprung to mind during the first couple of spins, but of course this is always going to be a D-A-D record what with the instantly recognizable rich and raspy vocal tones of Jesper Binzer ever present and ready to strike.
Of the eleven new cuts on offer here at least nine of them are total bangers, pure four to the floor rock n roll music, with even glimpses of the mighty The Cult circa ‘Electric’ / ’Sonic Temple’ creeping into the mix during the simply immense “The Real Me”.

“Burning Stars” and “Nothing Ever Changes” reiterates the anthemic nature, stature and approach to musical structure. Four blokes who have a perfect bond that both enables and give them a force to write songs that need no explanation or validation.
Elsewhere with “Musical Chairs” which crops up just past the halfway mark, the guys have written the song Airbourne have been searching for since they floundered for a sound to take them to the next level, whilst “‘The Sky Is Made Of Blues” is the perfect soundtrack for top-down summer driving.

I’m not so surprised by how amazing ‘A Prayer For The Loud’ is because D-A-D have always produced quality albums, it’s just this one is right up there with their very best work.
This is how traditional hard rock / rock n’ roll should be done, electric, vital, groovy n’ catchy, and the Scandinavians know those tricks to perfection.
Highly Recommended


01. Burning Star
02. A Prayer For The Loud
03. Nothing Ever Changes
04. The Sky Is Made Of Blues
05. The Real Me
06. No Doubt About It
07. A Drug For The Heart
08. Musical Chairs
09. Time Is A Train
10. Happy Days In Hell
11. If The World Just

Jesper Binzer – Vocals, Guitar
Stig Pedersen – Bass, Vocals
Jacob Binzer – Guitar
Laust Sonne – Drums


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