RICHARD MARX – Beautiful Goodbye [2019 reissue] + extras

RICHARD MARX - Beautiful Goodbye [2019 reissue] + extras full

RICHARD MARX has signed a new deal with major label BMG that includes a global recording contract for new music, and his back catalog reissue 2019. Here’s his last studio album “Beautiful Goodbye”, featuring impressive session musicians such as guitarists Michael Thompson & Michael Landau, keyboardist C.J. Vanston, and many more.

Returning after six years without original material — a hiatus that was interrupted by two 2012 releases — one a live album, one a Christmas record, along with a 2010 reworking of old songs — Richard Marx is in a decidedly seductive frame of mind on “Beautiful Goodbye”.
Marx made an indelible mark on the rock&pop front in the ’80s, and continues here with his unmistakable melodies, more mature, and a sound updated to current times.

A romantic record through and through, “Beautiful Goodbye” is smoother than most of Marx’s catalog, rolling along at a subdued pace and seemingly encased in silk.
Savvy old pro that he is, Marx knows enough to vary the pace and the accents — at times he incorporates just enough electronics to illustrate he knows it’s 2010’s, but not enough to alienate any longtime fans — which is enough to keep “Beautiful Goodbye” entertaining.

‘Whatever We Started’, ‘Turn Off The Night, title track ‘Beautiful Goodbye’, ‘Inside, Beautiful Goodbye’ all are pure Richard Marx, updated to current times in sound, and mostly midtempo / balladic.
Soft, breezy, sweet melodies, and good, quality songwriting production.
As extra, we added the two bonus tracks exclusive to the original Target release.

01 – Whatever We Started
02 – Suddenly
03 – Inside
04 – Beautiful Goodbye
05 – Forgot To Remember
06 – Turn Off The Night
07 – Have A Little Faith
08 – Like The World Is Ending
09 – To My Senses
10 – Getaway
11 – Eyes On Me
12 – Just Go [Taget Edition bonus track]
13 – Moscow Calling [Target Edition bonus track]

Richard Marx – vocals, guitars, keyboards, bass, programming
Michael Thompson, Michael Landau, Matt Scannell – guitars
Bruce Gaitsch – acoustic guitars
Herman Matthews – drums
Paul Bushnell – bass guitar
C.J. Vanston, Walter Afanasieff – keyboards, programming
Michael Jade – programming, keyboards, background vocals
Steven Miller – string arrangement
Lucas Marx, Morgan Page – programming
Molly DeWolf, David Hodges – background vocals


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