RUSS BALLARD – Russ Ballard ’84 [Air Mail Archive Japan miniLP remastered +4] Out Of Print

RUSS BALLARD - Russ Ballard '84 [Air Mail Archive Japan miniLP remastered +4] Out Of Print full

This wonderful album was requested by one of you; RUSS BALLARD self titled Russ Ballard ’84 in its Japanese Air Mail Archive mini-LP edition, the only remastered version released, including bonus tracks, now out of print.
Not to be confused with his first solo album also titled ‘Russ Ballard’ (1975), this is the record he did for EMI America in 1984, also known as ‘Voices’ because includes that stupendous song, still a FM radio staple today.

Ballard was part of legendary act Argent, but became known by the late ’70s as prolific songwriter and producer.
His compositions became hits for other artists, such Rainbow (‘Since You Been Gone’, ‘I Surrender’), Kiss (‘God Gave Rock and Roll to You’), Ace Frehley (New York Groove), America (‘You Can Do Magic’), Frehley’s Comet (‘In the Night’, included here), Peter Criss, Bad English, and many more.

“Russ Ballard ’84” also scored several (minor) hits with ‘Voices’ and ‘In the Night’ being featured in the Miami Vice TV series (Calderone’s Return episodes) and with its videos on heavy rotation at MTV.
Both are killer ’80s tunes, ‘Voices’ with its ‘mysterious’ atmosphere, and ‘In the Night’ with its jumpin’ AOR sing along chorus.

RUSS BALLARD - Russ Ballard '84 [Air Mail Archive Japan miniLP remastered +4] disc

Literally, any track on this album is a potential ’80s radio-hit with a ‘soundtrack feel’ as well.
The AOR pulse of midtempo ‘I Can’t Hear You No More’ is simply infectious, the chorus instantly keeps in your head after first listen.
The lyrics of ‘Two Silhouettes’ made many people identify themselves with the story, while thepumping ‘A Woman Like You’ is something that Loverboy / Aldo Nova could’ve recorded in 1984.

There’s a sweet melody to ‘Day to Day’, and you know what to expect from an ’80s song titled ‘Playing with Fire’… love it. Then ‘The Last Time’ is just another superb mid-paced AOR tune with great performances that always reminded me of Phenomena / Glenn Hughes.
Speaking about performances, Ballard secured top session cats for the album: bass player Mo Foster (Michael Schenker, MSG, Gary Moore, Meatloaf), awesome drummer Simon Phillips (Toto, Asia, Joe Satriani, etc.), and David Sancious (Bruce Springsteen, Peter Gabriel, Santana, Eric Clapton) on keyboards.

RUSS BALLARD - Russ Ballard '84 [Air Mail Archive Japan miniLP remastered +4] - back

To make it more complete, this Japanese remastered reissue includes 4 bonus tracks, the rare, excellent B-side ballad ‘Living Without You’, ‘Voices (Single Version – not the same mix)’ & ‘I Can’t Hear You No More (Single Version)’, and the quite different and totally ’80s remix ‘I Can’t Hear You No More (Extended Version)’ that worth this CD alone. All never officially available on CD before.

I am a sucker for this album, played the vinyl LP to death. This remastered CD is very, very good, and very, very hard to find (out of print).
A MUST for all ’80s fanatics out there.

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Air Mail Archive 【AIRAC-1665】

01 – I Can’t Hear You No More
02 – In the Night
03 – Two Silhouettes
04 – Voices
05 – A Woman Like You
06 – Day to Day
07 – Playing With Fire
08 – The Last Time
09 – Living Without You
10 – Voices (Single Version)
11 – I Can’t Hear You No More (Single Version)
12 – I Can’t Hear You No More (Extended Version)

Russ Ballard – Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards
Mo Foster (Michael Schenker, Gary Moore) – Bass
Simon Phillips (Toto, Asia) – Drums
Greg Sander Sancious Santana, Eric Clapton) – Keyboards, Synths


Out Of Print

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