ROBIN McAULEY – Business As Usual [Japan only release]

ROBIN McAULEY - Business As Usual [Japan only release] full

Here’s another request by one of you: the very hard to find, out of print ROBIN McAULEY solo album “Business As Usual”, only released in Japan. McAuley is joined here by top cats; Frankie Sullivan (Survivor) on guitars, bass & backing vocals, and Curt Cuomo (Stan Bush, Eddie Money) on drums, bass, keyboards, backing vocals.
But these talented musicians not only play here, the trio also wrote all the songs together, so expect quality stuff for sure.

McAuley is veteran of thousand battles (Grand Prix, Far Corporation and countless session works) but his name always will be associated with Michael Schenker and the McAuley-Schenker Group of late 80s and early 90s fame.
Some of you may know that he recently replaced Jimi Jamison to be the current lead vocalist for what is left of Survivor. And the origins of this collaboration may have began with this “Business As Usual”, McAuley’s one and only solo album, but as said, this work is more like a band as Sullivan had a huge hand in this record that included songwriting and producing in addition to supplying his trademark guitar licks.

The album contains some very cool and fun rockers, a couple of ballads and even a rock&pop track with the voice of Robin on the top, with a perfect performance from Frankie and Curt.

The highlights include opener “One Way Ticket”, which presses enough of the right Melodic Rock buttons to warrant a mention. It reminds me of Cinderella, and Robin sounds a lot like Tom Keifer here. Here, and all over the LP, Sullivan finds much more room for larger guitar solos than in Survivor, and that’s a good thing, I love his playing.

Another stand out on this album is “Time Will Dry Your Tears”, a superb power ballad that builds from an acoustic foundation and employs some well-placed lead / backing vocals. “Let Me Go” is slow too, yet a midtempo track with lyrics that reflect on the homeless and their struggle of living a free life with dignity rather than making sacrifices to have a roof over your head.
“I Was Going To Be The One” is a bluesy treat with an anthemic chorus that recalls some of the best of the late ’80s ‘hair band era’.

“Every Little Thing” is my absolute favorite track – the chemistry between Frankie and McAuley really ignites, producing a powerhouse melodic rocker with a terrific pulse, a killer chorus and some awesome melodious guitar work. It’s a song very much in the MSG ’89s style, and I love it.

Recorded in the US and produced & mixed by McAuley / Sullivan / Cuomo, the sound quality / production on “Business As Usual” is first class.
However, the late Nineties were not the best era for this kind of material, and the trio secured, at least, a Japanese release for the album via small label Zian Records. The CD, of course, has become a rarity nowadays.
Highly Recommended


01 – One Way Ticket
02 – Easy On Me
03 – When The Rain Came
04 – Every Little Thing
05 – In The Groove
06 – Bad Times
07 – Time Will Dry Your Tears
08 – Glass Houses
09 – Let Me Go
10 – I Was Gonna Be The One
11 – Where Will You Go

Robin McAuley (MSG) – vocals, percussion
Frankie Sullivan (Survivor) – guitars, bass, backing vocals
Curt Cuomo (Stan Bush, Eddie Money) – drums, bass, keyboards, backing vocals


Out Of Print

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