LAZARUS – Down N’ Dirty [1992-94 / First Time on CD Remastered] (2020)

LAZARUS - Down N' Dirty [1992-94 / First Time on CD Remastered] (2020) full

Demon Doll Records is bringing another US glam metal band to the forefront as LAZARUS now have a career spanning album titled ”Down N’ Dirty”, consisting of 19 songs digitally remastered for the first time on CD.
Includes their cassette-only album “Miss B Haven” (1992) and 1994’s “Bombz Away” (pressed on CD but for promo, few copies), plus 3 bonus tracks from their 1988 debut demo “Have A Taste”.
LAZARUS deliver one knock out glam metal shot after another with that classic US style circa 1988, very well recorded & produced for the most part.
It’s rocking catchy stuff form an unknown but good band from the golden era.

These guys rock with attitude on punchy cuts as “Bedroom Eyes”, “Little Dancer“, “Love At First Bite”, “Too Far Gone”, “Haunted” and the list goes on to say the least. The boys had the 80s flowing through their veins and were not letting up if their lives depended on it.
Thunderous rhythms, shredding guitars and big vocal performances lay the foundation for one of the better underground bands of the era.

Perhaps LAZARUS arrived too late into the scene, but for sure they had the chops, the skills and strong songs to make it bigger.
Highly Recommended


01 – Little Dancer
02 – Bedroom Eyes
03 – Love At First Bite
04 – Let The Sparks Fly
05 – Miss B. Haven
06 – Down N Dirty
07 – Kick It Into Gear
08 – Sweet Seduction
09 – Bombz Away
10 – Knock The Hard Away
11 – Too Far Gone
12 – Haunted
13 – Far Cry From Over
14 – Mama Didn’t Raise No Fool
15 – Wind Me Up
16 – Dont Leave Me Alone
17 – Fit To Be Tied
18 – Have A Taste
19 – Greased N Primed

Jimmi Migliozzi – vocals
Garry Palcisco – bass
Ron Williams – guitar
Mick Rispoli – guitar
Doug Owen – guitar
Bobby Conrad – guitar
Craig Bruno – guitar
Mike ‘Thumper’ Young – drums
Butch Likens – drums
Phil Daichendt – drums



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