BRITNY FOX – Gudbuy T’ Dean [1989 FM broadcast / only at Britny Fox Records] *EXCLUSIVE*

BRITNY FOX - Gudbuy T' Dean [1989 FM broadcast / only at Britny Fox Records] *EXCLUSIVE* full

Now we are presenting a collectors item to complete your BRITNY FOX discography: “Gudbuy T’ Dean“, an Official Fan Club only release. The only place to get this was Britny Fox’s website or at shows.
‘Gudbuy T’ Dean’ – named after the song ‘Gudbuy T’ Jane’ from Britny Fox’s first album – refers to one of the last shows featuring original vocalist Dizzy Dean Davidson.
This is a recording of a 1989 FM broadcast while thew band was promoting their second album. This tape never was released on any format except this limited BF Records CD. This is the only BF live recording available featuring Dizzy Dean Davidson.
The sound quality is pretty good, and as a curiosity, the broadcast ended before they could play their biggest hit at the time; ‘Girlschool’.
Only at 0dayrox


01 – In Motion
02 – In America
03 – Long Way To Love
04 – Plenty Of Love
05 – Harmonica Jam
06 – Livin’ On A Dream
07 – Dream On
08 – Stevie
09 – Standing In The Shadows
10 – Hold On
11 – Left Me Stray
12 – Michael Kelly Smith Solo
13 – Shine On
14 – Jam
15 – Gudbuy T’ Jane

“Dizzy” Dean Davidson – lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Michael Kelly Smith – guitars, backing vocals
Billy Childs – bass, backing vocals
Johnny Dee – drums, backing vocals


Out of print

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