LIZZY BORDEN – Best Of Lizzy Borden [Victor Japan Co. remastered reissue] *EXCLUSIVE*

LIZZY BORDEN - Best Of Lizzy Borden [Victor Japan reissue] *EXCLUSIVE* full

With the new LIZZY BORDEN ‘Best Of Vol.2’, it’s proper time to feature the very first “Best Of Lizzy Borden” greatest hits. First appeared in 1994 and including a selection of the band’s ’80s material, this reissue done years later by Victor Japan Company is the one to get.
While isn’t specified, it seems this version has been remastered – a ’90s type of remaster, you know, not saturated – and on the OBI it says ‘Digital Remix’. Looks confusing, the songs are the originals (not remixed) but for sure sonically ‘reinforced’.
A terrific collection plenty of killer rockers, and the best version available (yet out of print).
Only at 0dayrox


01 – Me Against the World
02 – American Metal
03 – Notorious
04 – Master of Disguise
05 – Psychopath
06 – Eyes of a Stranger
07 – Red Rum (Live)
08 – Ultra Violence
09 – Live and Let Die (Live)
10 – Give Em the Axe
11 – Love Kills
12 – Love Is A Crime
13 – Lord of the Flies
14 – Rod of Iron


Out of Print

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