Gary Moore’s G-FORCE – G-Force [Japan SHM-CD remastered] *EXCLUSIVE*

Gary Moore's G-FORCE - G-Force [Japan SHM-CD remastered] *EXCLUSIVE* full

We always need ‘more Moore‘ and as requested here’s GARY MOORE‘s only album with G-FORCE and its self-titled record remastered & reissued in Japan on miniLP replica and pressed on high quality SHM-CD.
While touring America with THIN LIZZY in support of the band’s album ‘Black Rose: A Rock Legend’, Gary Moore suddenly quit the band and moved to Los Angeles, hoping to establish a solo rock presence.
With the opportunity to tour America in support of Van Halen, Moore recruited his one-time Thin Lizzy bandmate, drummer Mark Nauseef (ex IAN GILLIAN BAND), and vocalist/bassist Glenn Hughes, dubbing the band “G-Force”. Several months into rehearsals, Hughes left the band after an alcohol-fueled altercation with Moore and was replaced with vocalist Willie Dee and session bassist Tony Newton.

The subsequent tour was a success, and the band went on to support Whitesnake on their 1980 ‘Ready an’ Willing’ tour. However, the project was short-lived, only producing the one eponymous album, which was re-mixed by Dennis Mackay.
The album consisted of more commercial hard rock radio-oriented music than Moore’s previous efforts, his first attempt at ’80s mainstream. What nowadays regarded as the third solo effort by Gary Moore, “G-Force” was actually indented to be the band name upon which the Irish guitar legend would stage his career.

Despite its commercial approach – ‘Hot Hossip’ is pure rock&pop’ – there’s some ferocious, impressive guitar work by Moore here.
The instrumental ‘White Knuckles’ is just awesome; that guitar tone, those crazy licks… Kirk Hammet said this song blows him away, and several Metallic solos are inspired by variations of Gary Moore’s licks.

Or just listen to ‘Because of Your Love’; it has one of the greatest intros ever. ‘Dancin’ rocks, the band add some funky on ‘The Woman’s In Love’, and Gary burns on the thunderous yet melodic ‘She’s Got You’.
The rest of the G-Force band are great musicians as well; Willie Dee own a strong set of pipes, and Mark Nauseef’s drumming is varied all over, just check out his arrangements and fills on ‘Dancin’ middle part.

This SHM-CD sounds great, revitalizing everything from clearer bass, brighten cymbals, vocal harmonies and Moore solos never sounded more defined.
HIGHLY Recommended

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Victor Japan Co.VICP-70141

01 – You
02 – White Knuckles / Rockin’ and Rollin’
03 – She’s Got You
04 – I Look At You
05 – Because of Your Love
06 – You Kissed Me Sweetly
07 – Hot Gossip
08 – The Woman’s In Love
09 – Dancin’

Gary Moore – guitars, lead and backing vocals, keyboards
Willie Dee – lead and backing vocals, bass, keyboards
Tony Newton – bass guitar, string arrangements
Mark Nauseef – drums, percussion, percussion synthesizer
Additional musicians:
Joachim Kuhn – keyboards
Tom Scott – saxophone on track 8, string arrangements
Thee Ox – percussion


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  1. Scupp says:

    WHY is this album so ‘underground’ or unknown to us AOR or rock fans?! I’ve been a huge Gary fan for many years… even warming and longing for his modern day blues efforts too yet G-Force for me slipped through the net. I’m from Belfast, N.I. so I have an affiliation to him as he lived quite literally just down the road but his talents just grow and grow on me. What a guy, what a talent, what a loss! Dirty Fingers next ‍♂️

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