MIDWAY – Midway 1988 [remastered CD reissue 2020]

MIDWAY - Midway 1988 [remastered CD reissue 2020] full

Formed in the ’80s by members of the Italian hard rock scene including respected lead guitarist Alberto Simonini, MIDWAY recorded this set of songs in 1988 with the hope of a label contract. That never crystalized, and the group disbanded with all musicians looking for a new horizon.
However in 2006 all the MIDWAY Eighties recordings were finally released on CD by guitarist Paolo Pedretti own label and remastered by himself. After many years deleted, this 2020 sees the reissue of this interesting album / band.
All the material into “Midway 1988” is strongly influenced by the mid-Eighties American melodic hard rock, with keyboard splashes in a more European style.

Songs like “Alone In The Night” (with a certain vibe recalling KEEL more melodic side), the vibrant “Once In A Lifetime” (think DOKKEN), the hard rocking “Shadow Of Despair” and “Feel The Fire” where the guitars are sharper, and mid-paced “Follow Your Dreams” showcase a band with a lot of potential; good songwriting / arrangements and solid musicianship.

While this is a self-produced demo it was professionally multi-track recorded & mixed and the sound quality is very good considering its ‘lost tapes’ status.
Very enjoyable stuff.


01 – Alone In The Night
02 – Once In A Lifetime
03 – Shadow Of Despare
04 – Feel The Fire
05 – Close To Me
06 – Follow Your Dreams
07 – Falling Rolling
08 – Here Comes The Rain

Fabio Di Fazio – Vocals
Paolo Pedretti – Guitar, Keyboards
Alberto Simonini – Guitar
Max Magagni – Bass
Gianni Lorenzini – Drums



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