RADAR – Lost In The Atlantic [1986 Previously Unreleased] (2021) *EXCLUSIVE*

RADAR - Lost In The Atlantic [1986 Previously Unreleased] (2021) *EXCLUSIVE* full

Shelved for almost four decades, Escape Music will release next month one of the best British secret; RADAR unreleased album ”Lost In The Atlantic”, for the first time on CD in a limited edition to 1000 copies only.
RADAR was formed in 1981 when David West (Go West / Robert Hart / Wild Blue), Rod Jordan & Gary Stevenson (Go West / Robert Hart / Wild Blue / Snakecharmer) met at the ABC Music Store in Surrey England, where David & Gary were working as guitar & keyboard demonstrators.
In 1983 Radar was signed to Warner Bros Publishing UK and their journey began.
RADAR began recording their album at the famous ‘Trident Studios’ on Wardour Street, London early 1985. But at the time Gary was very busy as producer for other artists. The band was happy to hold back the release of the RADAR album and use the success of Gary’s production works with various bands to promote an upcoming release.
However this had a negative effect on RADAR the momentum was lost and “Lost In The Atlantic” was never released.
This is primo mid-80s lite AOR with melodic arrangements and pristine production sound.

In the first half of the Eighties guitar player Gary Stevenson also produced ‘outside’ bands at Secret studios, one of them being an unknown duo called ‘Go West’. Gary also used David West on this project and after a few demos the manager of the band ‘John Glover’ was impressed enough with the work that he commissioned Gary to produce 2 tracks ‘We Close Our Eyes’ & ‘Call Me’ at Chipping Norton Studios in Oxfordshire.

These songs & productions caused a stir in the music business at the time and Go West had many record deal offers from major record companies. The band wanted to stay with Gary as producer so signed with Chrysalis Records who were happy to do this, and the rest is history.
Go West went on to become the ‘Best Newcomers’ at the 1985 Brit Awards.

Radar began recording ”Lost In The Atlantic” at the famous Trident Studios, London early 1985. In late December 1985 Radar left these shores to reside in the Isle Of Man at ‘The Old Schoolhouse’ in Port Erin, which they converted into a residential recording studio and continued to finish the album.
In fact most of the initial London recordings were scrapped and the album was re-started from scratch.

It’s a shame ”Lost In The Atlantic” wasn’t released back in the day. But time has come.
Highly Recommended

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01 – A Trick of the Light
02 – Goodbye Mr. President
03 – Laena
04 – Going Overboard
05 – Love Wars
06 – The Calling Time
07 – Lost in the City
08 – Someone’s Crying
09 – Look But Don’t Touch
10 – Olympic Runner

Rod Jordan – Vocals, Bass
David West (Go West / Robert Hart / Wild Blue) – Keyboards, Programming
Gary Stevenson (Go West / Robert Hart / Wild Blue / Snakecharmer) – Guitars
Mel Collins – Saxophone
Joy Martin – Backing Vocals
Peter Cox (Go West) – Backing Vocals



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    Thank you very much.

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    Nice album, thank you! Could you please also post the 80s US Radar band with their LP titled RPM (Kivel Records, 2000)?

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