MAVERICK – Ethereality (2021)

MAVERICK - Ethereality (2021) full

After three years in the making, including delays in the recording process due to the COVID-19 pandemic, ”Ethereality”, the brand new album by Belfast, Northern Ireland-based Hard Rock group MAVERICK is ready to see the light of day, bringing to our avid ears all of the trademark elements that helped the “Balfour Brothers” David (vocals) and Ryan (guitars) to conquer the hearts of admirers of old school hard rock music from all over the world.
Combining the catchy, hookline oriented songwriting MAVERICK is known for with a punchy production,
the album is indeed an ethereal album of Rock N’ Roll resulting in the strongest effort to date by these guys.

‘Ethereality’ is an album that offers its listeners everything. It has plenty of out and out rockers, a couple of mid-tempo almost ballad type moments and some radio friendly tracks that should help garner the band the bigger fanbase they quite justifiably deserve.
There are plenty of air guitar and table tapping rhythm section moments to really get you going that compliment the vocal tour de force that is evident from the get go to the last hurrah.

That vocal burst from David Balfour that heralds the start of the album on ‘Falling’ is just quite simply showstopping. When the rest of the band kick in straight after, it is clear that what is unfolding before your very eyes, or ears, is something very special indeed.
Scintillating guitars, crashing drums, rip snorting riffage and lung busting vocals are a theme throughout the whole album and are clearly evident on the opening number. This is hard and heavy melodic rock at its most regal.

‘Never’ is a thrilling song for hitting the road with your loved ones, showcasing the always soaring voice by David supported by his bandmates spot-on backing vocals, while Richie and Jason are in total sync with their respective bass jabs and stylish beats boosted by a vibrant sound crafted by all band members.
And piercing guitars ignite the Melodic Rock tune ‘Bells Of Stygian’, keeping the album at a high level of adrenaline while Jason continues to pound his drums nonstop.

‘Switchblade Sister‘ rocks with a Skid Row-type groove, then ‘Angels 6‘ in particular throws the album into overdrive, as it’s one of the two heaviest songs. It’s one of those “Be careful while you’re driving” type songs as you’ll instinctively slam on the gas if it’s on.

‘The Last One’ is possibly the most commercially friendly track on offer and if the album has a ballad then this is it. Radio friendly it is and I am sure if a national or international station was to give it regular air play, then their listeners would soon be talking of Maverick alongside other more well known heavyweights of the genre.
That leads into ‘Dying Star’, which is built around yet another sumptuous solid riff, that just cries out for some air guitar participation. Just listen to that stratospheric vocal that takes the track to its close as well.

‘Light Behind Your Eyes’ is the penultimate track and is all about the plundering beat, chugging riff that are front and centre throughout the track along with yet another divine guitar solo. That leads us to ‘Ares’, the album closer and what a monster of a track it is to draw things to a conclusion. The riff and the beat is oh so heavy, a real behemoth if you will and if the nine tracks that went before it did not get inside your head and chest, then this one certainly will.

With summer around the corner, this is an album that should be played loud, whether that be with the roof or windows down in your car or whilst you are sipping a cold one in the garden, this needs the volume turned up for maximum listening pleasure, whether that just be yours, or your neighbours too.
If you like your rock music full of guitars that you can air guitar too, drums that you tap your feet to and with dazzling vocals that you can really enjoy, listen to and sing-a-long to then Maverick is what you need to be listening to.
Highly Recommended


01 – Falling
02 – Thirst
03 – Never
04 – Switchblade Sister
05 – Bells of Stygian
06 – Angels 6
07 – The Last One
08 – Dying Star
09 – Light Behind Your Eyes
10 – Ares

David Balfour – Vocals
Ryan Balfour – Guitar
Ric Cardwell – Guitar
Richie Diver – Bass
Jason-Steve Mageney – Drums



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