MINDLESS SINNER – Turn On The Power [Remastered digital reissue including early versions] (2021)

MINDLESS SINNER - Turn On The Power [Remastered digital reissue including early versions] (2021) full

A cult act from the Swedish early ’80s Scandinavian metal scene, MINDLESS SINNER just got their second LP “Turn On The Power” reissued / remastered. The album was recorded in 1984, but released in 1986.
Tomorrow Pure Steel Records will release as well this digital download-only edition of the album including as bonus the early, previously unreleased 1984 versions of the songs, rawer, heavier, without keyboards.
At the time of “Turn On The Power”, MINDLESS SINNER was purely influenced by the NWOBHM sound, with a melodic approach and catchy choruses but a traditional style akin JUDAS PRIEST, 220 VOLT, PRAYING MANTIS, IRON MAIDEN, etc


01 – We Go Together (Remastered 2021)
02 – I’m Gonna (Have Some Fun) (Remastered 2021)
03 – Turn on the Power (Remastered 2021)
04 – Live and Die (Remastered 2021)
05 – Left out on My Own (Remastered 2021)
06 – Here She Comes Again (Remastered 2021)
07 – Standing on the Stage (Remastered 2021)
08 – Voice of the Doomed (Remastered 2021)
09 – Tears of Pain (Remastered 2021)
BONUS TRACKS (The Early Takes):
10 – We Go Together (Alternative Version)
11 – I’m Gonna (Have Some Fun) (Alternative Version)
12 – Turn on the Power (Alternative Version)
13 – Live and Die (Alternative Version)
14 – Left out on My Own (Alternative Version)
15 – Here She Comes Again (Alternative Version)
16 – Voice of the Doomed (Alternative Version)

Christer Göransson – vocals
Magnus Danneblad – lead guitars
Jerker Edman – lead guitars
Christer Carlson – bass
Tommy Johansson – drums


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