BENTWOOD ROCKER – Taken From The Vaults B-CD [previously unreleased ’80s recordings]

BENTWOOD ROCKER - Taken From The Vaults B-CD [previously unreleased '80s recordings] full

Canadians BENTWOOD ROCKER started as band in 1977, but several members were friends since many years before. They released an independent album which sold pretty well, and then Quality Records singed the quintet for a new record and promises of proper distribution. The band moved to Florida, and recorded the 1982 LP “Take Me To Heaven”, a very fine slice of radio-friendly early ’80s AOR tunes. Bentwood Rocker are strong in multi-part vocal harmonies performed by all members, present on all tracks.
The album sold well, but their label went on some troubles and BENTWOOD ROCKER lost its contract. However the band continued playing and recording all over the decade, and all these tracks (some singles and some unreleased) were compiled onto “Taken From The Vaults”.

There’s two CD’s, this is the second “B-CD”, and we have here recording from the second half of the ’80s, few released as singles, mostly unreleased. Here BENTWOOD ROCKER turned much more keyboard driven AOR, including big drums and layers of harmonies. It’s really good stuff for fans of the genre.

“Can’t Let Go” blends Foreigner with Survivor, the anthemic “Walk Through The Fire” is on par with any Surrender hit, “Missing You Tonight” reminds you of REO Speedwagon, and “I Would Give Everything” rocks with a Franke & The Knockouts radio appeal.
“The Danger Of Remembering” is an elegant, polished mid-tempo AOR tune, “Skeletons In The Closet” adds a little of radio friendly pop (and generous keyboards / synths), while “Second Wind” is one of these kind of ‘action movie soundtrack’ AOR songs, and another favorite.

Fans of classic ’80s American AOR need to hear these ‘lost’ tracks.
Highly Recommended


01 – Can’t Let Go
02 – Walk Through The Fire
03 – Missing You Tonight
04 – The Danger Of Remembering
05 – Skeletons In The Closet
06 – Love’s In The Air
07 – Second Wind
08 – You Married A Music Man
09 – Drift Away
10 – Take The Money And Run
11 – 7 Year Itch
12 – I Would Give Everything
13 – Gonna Last Forever
14 – I’ve Got A Feeling

Dan Thompson – vocals, guitar
Eric Baragar – vocals, guitar, keyboards
Steve Smith – drums, vocals
Mike Goettler – bass, vocals
Barry Haggarty – guitar, vocals


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  1. Love says:

    How about the “The Second Decade Of Rock & Roll” by REO Speedwagon? There’s some great live versions on it!

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