ZON – Astral Projector [Rock Candy remastered +4] (2019-2020) *0dayrox EXCLUSIVE*

ZON - Astral Projector [Rock Candy remastered +4] (2019-2020) *0dayrox EXCLUSIVE* full

As requested by many, here’s in exclusive the ‘remastered & reloaded‘ Rock Candy version of ZON‘s seminal pomp AOR album “Astral Projector” including 4 bonus tracks, previously unheard material.
This influential Canadian Pomp AOR pioneers ZON were known for their pompous and overblown sound driven by lots of keyboards & analog synths, galloping guitars and soaring vocals. Their musical style was like a cross between Styx, Giuffria’s Angel and Queen, with a hard rock edge thrown in.
This is one of these ‘true analog’ albums that needed a proper remaster – often ruined by a digitized wall of sound. Rock Candy did a stupendous job to enjoy this record with all its magic intact.

ZON originated from Toronto, where they garnered the attention of Epic records who signed them hoping to score big with the band’s unique brand of quirky, yet superbly crafted, rock that sounded not unlike a young Styx.
Their debut album ‘Astral Projector’ made quite a splash, hooking fans and critics with its punchy content and adventurous Pompy arrangements.

Highlights are the timeless tracks the impressive opener ‘Put On The Show’, ‘Talkin’ About’, and of course the classic title track ‘Astral Projector’. The keyboard, organ and synth work of Howard Helm stand out a mile on these tracks, as do the special effects.
‘Melody’ is a straight ahead piano based romp, which reminds one of Neal Doughty’s work with REO Speedwagon. The metronome is turned up for the pacy ‘Time For Your Love’ while the adjoining ‘Point Of View’ and ‘Where To Spend My Dollar’ borders on the epic, in a late ’70s classy AOR Pomp way. The latter features some insane vocal flurries from Denton Young, as if he was in a theater performance.

The bonus tracks are excellent: another marvelous, different version of title track ‘Astral Projector (Alt. Take)’, the unreleased track ‘The Battle’, a full, extended version of fun ‘Hollywood (Full Version)’, and an alternate take of ‘On The Road (Alt. Take)’.

ZON - Astral Projector [Rock Candy remastered +4] booklet

Though ZON released two more albums, the band’s circumstances were fraught with issues and they never really climbed out of the holes that were being dug for them.
Some of the boys moved onto bigger things: namely Helm who moved onto Michael Fury which in turn became 80s AOR greats REFUGEE, while drummer Kim Hunt moved onto the Canadian version of URGENT with Doug Baynham, before hooking up with bass player Jim Samson to join the rejuvenated MOXY in 2000.

An essential album from the Pomp AOR scene, now remastered in all its glory.

You’ve seen it first at 0dayrox


01 – Put On The Show
02 – Time For Your Love
03 – Point Of View / Where To Spend My Dollar?
04 – Man In The Mirror
05 – Talkin’ About
06 – Melody
07 – On The Road
08 – Astral Projector
09 – Hollywood
10 – Astral Projector (Alt. Take)
11 – The Battle (Unreleased)
12 – Hollywood (Full Version)
13 – On The Road (Alt. Take)

Denton Young – lead vocals, cello, percussion
Howard Helm – keyboards, synths, vocals
Brian Miller – guitars, vocals
Jim Samson – bass
Kim Hunt – drums, percussion



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