ROXX GANG – Things You’ve Never Done Before +5 [digitally remastered]

ROXX GANG - Things You've Never Done Before +5 [digitally remastered] full

One of you asked for glam hard rockers ROXX GANG major label debut album 1998’s “Things You’ve Never Done Before“. The album was reissued / remastered in 2000’s.
Well, this is a rare CD reissue including that remastered audio plus 5 bonus tracks, rare singles and songs from their first indie recording. While isn’t an official reissue this is a professionally made, silver pressed CD and the quality is top notch, both in audio quality and the complete booklet.
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01 – Scratch My Back
02 – No Easy Way Out
03 – Race With The Devil
04 – Red Rose
05 – Live Fast Die Young
06 – Too Cool For School
07 – Ball ‘N’ Chain
08 – Fastest Gun In Town
09 – Nine Lives
10 – Need Your Sex
11 – Too Big For My Britches
12 – Dogtown
13 – Skin And Bones
14 – Take It Off
15 – Time To Rock

Kevin Steele / Lead Vocals
Jeff Taylor / Guitar and Backing Vocals
Wade Hayes / Guitar and Backing Vocals
Roby Strine / Bass and Backing Vocals
David James Blackshire / Drums and Backing Vocals


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3 Responses

  1. jayman says:

    AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved this album, thanks a bunch 0DAY

  2. Becool says:

    Me too, one of the most underrated glam metal albums. Great stuff.

  3. Jay says:

    Thnx for this!!!!!!

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