20 DARK SEVEN – Catch A Fire (2021)

20 DARK SEVEN - Catch A Fire (2021) full

After four years since their last album, melodic hard rockers 20 DARK SEVEN / TwentyDarkSeven are back with new effort titled “Catch A Fire“, which is a Jamaican expression that means ‘Go Burn In Hell’ or ‘Go To Hell’… and the album is indeed a hellacious corker.
Formed by ex members of very good rockers PUMP, 20 DARK SEVEN combine their ’80s roots together with some modern elements and an updated sound based on strong riffs and a groovy punch. For this third full length the German band took the necessary time to refine the songwriting and choose the best songs to complete a kick ass 11-track platter.

They open the CD with the fast, hard and dirty “Walkin High Wire”, followed by no less pounding “Broken”, a dynamic tune, anthemic number. “Hypocrites And Parasites” rocks like Hell and the guys are on fire musically, groovy, aggressive yet melodic.
With “Wing And A Prayer” Twenty Dark Seven manage to outdo themselves, one of the most elaborated tracks on the album.
Then “Hideaway” begins with intense guitar playing and when the vocals kick in they literally blow you away. A driven, arena-ready track with a big guitar solo too. Ex Pump guitarist Selly Bernhard is heavily influenced by Zakk Wylde, and drops some killer licks here.

With the bouncer “Night Finds You” they pull out all the stops again. From double bass drumming, to powerful guitar attack, to the super cool vocals of Marcus Jürgens, this rocker pretty much sums up what this band is all about.

“Catch A Fire” is without a doubt Twenty Dark Seven best effort to date, energetic, groovy, punchy, never forgetting melody. It’s an album of immediate enjoy but after a couple of listens it brings even more details to the surface.
Highly Recommended


01 – Walking High Wire
02 – Broken
03 – Hypocrites and Parasites
04 – One Light Burning
05 – Wing and a Prayer
06 – Dead in the Water
07 – Blame It on the Moon
08 – Hideaway
09 – Undertow
10 – Losing Myself
11 – Night Finds You

Marcus Jurgens – Vocals (ex-Pump, ex-Brainstorm)
Christoph Renner – Bass (ex-Nazty Bullets)
Vitali Schogenov – Drums (ex-Pussy Sisster)
Selly Bernhard – Guitars (ex-Pump)



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