LUCIFER’S FRIEND (John Lawton) – The Last Stand (2021)

LUCIFER'S FRIEND (John Lawton) - The Last Stand (2021) full

Cherry Red Records has released “The Last Stand“, a new LUCIFER’S FRIEND album collecting together recordings from their first reunion album ‘Sumo Grip’ from 1994, along with recordings from their 2015 reunion. Compiled by guitarist Peter Hesslein, ”The Last Stand” is being released to close the book on the studio recordings of the reunion.
Lucifer’s Friend were originally in 1970 Hessle and legendary singer John Lawton. While in their origins they were pretty progressive hard rock, the material included into ”The Last Stand” is very early ’90s melodic hard rock both in sound and production, especially the songs from 1994 (listen to the video-song below).
Highly Recommended



01 – Heartbreaker
02 – Sheree
03 – Ride The Sky ’94
04 – You Touched Me With Your Heart (Extended Version)
05 – Pray
06 – Did You Ever
07 – Demolition Man
08 – When Children Cry
09 – Straight for the Heart
10 – This Time
11 – Black Moon
12 – Passengers
13 – Call the Captain
14 – Freedom
15 – When You’re Gone (Live; Edit)

John Lawton – lead vocals
Peter Hesslein – guitar, backing vocals
Jogi Wichmann – keyboards, drum programming
Andreas Dicke – bass
Curt Cress – drums
Udo Dahmen – drums



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