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SANTERS - Top Secrecy [Japanese Edition / digitally remastered] lossless full

As requested, here’s ”Top Secrecy”, the 4th album from Canadian melodic hard rockers SANTERS, finally released in 1998. Despite of having been released at the end of the Nineties – not a friendly time for this type music – ”Top Secrecy” is a terrific slice of infectious melodic rocking songs with a pure Eighties feeling. And there’s a reason; the album was written and recorded between 1985-1986, but shelved.
Fortunately, and while we had to wait 12 years to hear ”Top Secrecy”, well worth the wait as this is an awesome US melodic hard record plenty of magic, the inclusion of ‘that’ keyboards, and layered harmonies.

It was the summer of 1985 and Rick Santers decided it was time to build a studio of his own. In came the console, tape machine, speakers, microphones, cables and outboard gear and SANTERS started to get to work on a new album.
The songs Rick had written were decidedly more lyrical and so he wanted to experiment with using a more layered keyboard sound. The recordings on ‘Top Secrecy’ were initially intended to be demos to be used to shop for producers and international record labels.
It only was after the band had finished recording that the received notice that their Canadian record label, Ready Records, had ceasing operations.

Despite many responses declaring the “demos” actually sounded like a finished, fully produced album, the band was unable to secure a release.
Laying dormant in the vault for over a decade, ”Top Secrecy” finally appeared as a bonus album on the SANTERS IV Box Set release in 1998 through Avex Records / Bareknuckle of Japan.

While SANTERS not so long ago put out a “The Definitive Remasters Collection” of their albums – which by the way, sound quality is awesome – ”Top Secrecy” hasn’t been remastered for that series. It doesn’t needed to, as it was already remastered for this 1998 release.
Highly Recommended


01 – Come And Get It
02 – Top Secrecy
03 – Leigh Ann
04 – Dry Your Tears
05 – Lightning’s Gonna Strike
06 – Heaven On Earth
07 – Love Back Guarantee
08 – Never Wanna Let You Go
09 – Red Sky
10 – Tearing Us Apart

Rick Santers – lead vocals, guitars, keyboards
Mark Santers – drums, percussion, backing vocals
Rick Lazaroff – bass, backing vocals
Brian Allen – keyboards, backing vocals


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