TNT – Intuition [Rock Candy remastered] (2022) HQ *only at 0dayrox*

TNT - Intuition [Rock Candy remastered] (2022) *0dayrox Exclusive* full

Specialists at Rock Candy Records have done their own remaster on one of the greatest AOR / melodic hard rock albums from the ’80s; the awesome “Intuition” from Norwegians TNT.
Coming off the extraordinary ‘Tell No Tales’ which mixed edgy hard rockers with melodious gems, “Intuition” is a pure Scandi AOR / pop metal Heaven. Pure 1989’s I’d say. Every track verses are trademark TNT awesomeness, everyone firing away nicely and with purpose, while every chorus is to die for.
Whilst ”Intuition” hit the spot creatively, the commercial impact of the album faltered and despite gallant headline touring plans in the US and Japan, momentum wasn’t sufficient to propel the band to a higher level of achievement. Nonetheless, TNT’s legacy was now cast in stone and, not surprisingly, the band’s reputation has continued to grow and resonate louder than ever.

On “Intuition”, like the on the previous TNT album, the guitar work of Ronni LeTekrø is awesome. The solos are nothing short of amazing, and the riffs are pretty damn catchy. Tony Harnell’s voice is once again incredibly as well with that huge range and emotion. There is also plenty of keyboard and synth parts in most of the songs which were typical in the era, but make these songs that much better.

All tracks in “Intuition” are melodic perfection, polished to the extreme, slick, gorgeous and wrapped by a crystal clear production. “Tonight I’m Falling”, the top class of “Take Me Down (Fallen Angel)”, “Learn to Love”, the upbeat “Caught Between The Tigers”, the ballad “End of the Line”, and of course the title track are almost perfect.

However, nothing on here even compares to title track ‘Intuition’. This song is absolutely amazing. From the beginning when the riff kicks in, you are hooked to it instantly. This has to be one of the catchiest and feel-good ever produced by a Scandi AOR / Melodic Rock act. This is my favorite TNT song, and probably one of my favorite ’80s tunes regarding the genre.
Nope, they certainly don’t make ’em like this anymore. This song shines of beauty, and it rocks too, which is what matters.

“Intuition” always sounded fantastic even in its original edition. However this Rock Candy remastered reissue provides an extra brilliance plus more bass presence, dynamic range, and an impressive punch. It will blow your speakers.

You’ve seen it first at 0dayrox


01 – A Nation Free (Intro)
02 – Caught Between The Tigers
03 – Tonight I’m Falling
04 – End Of The Line
05 – Intuition
06 – Forever Shine On
07 – Learn To Love
08 – Ordinary Lover
09 – Take Me Down (Fallen Angel)
10 – Wisdom

Tony Harnell – lead, harmony and backing vocals
Ronni LeTekrø – guitars, 1/4 stepper guitar, lead vocals on 8
Morty Black – bass and pedal synthesizer
Kenneth Odiin – drums and percussion
Kjetil Bjerkestrand – keyboards, synths
Joe Lynn Turner – backing vocals



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