KUARANTINE – Silver Spoon +3 (2022)

KUARANTINE - Silver Spoon (2022) full

During the Covid-19 quarantine, unable to tour, many musicians created side projects – mainly collective recordings online and posting home-made videos on YouTube. Born in 2020 with the idea of making KISS covers, KUARANTINE is a super-group featuring FOZZY singer Chris Jericho, TRIXTER bassist P.J. Farley, KLASSIK ’78 guitarist Joe McGinness and drummer Kent Slucher.
What started as a fun project, the KUARANTINE covers got an impressive half-million YouTube views, record companies interested to sign the band, endorsement offers, etc.
Now KUARANTINE are releasing their own, very good version of “Silver Spoon“, which originally appeared on KISS’s 1989 album “Hot In The Shade”. The new track is the second most added song this week on the Billboard Rock Indicator chart and marks the fourth single from KUARANTINE – and yes, there’s plans for a full length album.

KUARANTINE’s version of “Silver Spoon” has even drawn praise from KISS frontman Paul Stanley, who said: “My favorite song on ‘Hot In The Shade’ by far. Your version sounds great guys… well done!”

KUARANTINE first debuted in May 2020 with the release of “No No No”, from Kiss’ 1987 album “Crazy Nights” went to number 25 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Charts.
The band has since issued its versions of 1992’s Revenge “Heart Of Chrome” featuring Bruce Kulick on guest guitar, and “Love’s A Deadly Weapon” (from KISS’s 1985 album “Asylum”), amassing nearly half a million total views on their videos on YouTube and close to 200,000 total streams across DSPs.

The curious thing about KUARANTINE covers so far is that they have chosen songs from the ‘unmasked’ era, second half of the ’80s / early ’90s songs usually not considered KISS ‘classiks’. And they do a great job.
Fun stuff!


01 – Silver Spoon
02 – Heart Of Chrome (feat. Bruce Kulick)
03 – No No No
04 – Love’s A Deadly Weapon

Chris Jericho – lead vocals
P.J. Farley – bass, vocals
Joe McGinness – guitar, vocals
Kent Slucher – drums
Bruce Kulick – guitar
Charlie Parra – guitar


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