GRÄCE – Hope (2022)

GRÄCE - Hope (2022) full

GRÄCE is a new band put together by singer Isra Ramos, undoubtedly one of the most prolific and versatile vocalists, songwriterd and producers in the recent history of metal in Spain. The band is ready to release their debut album with Frontiers Music titled ”Hope”.
Throughout his 20-year career, Isra Ramos has been part of Spanish bands such as Alquimia and Avalanch, in which he worked alongside great musical masters like Mike Terrana, Dirk Schlächter and Jorge Salán. With those bands, he toured throughout the entire world, sharing the stage with bands such as Scorpions, Europe, Nightwish, Rhapsody of Fire, and Angra, among others.
After many years within the more traditional metal framework, with GRÄCE Ramos wanted to enter a more diverse style, something embracing melodic rock, melodic metal and electronic elements. The results are very interesting, accessible well crafted tunes with Ramos clean voice at the forefront. Great shouter Ronnie Romero guests on lead vocals on one track.
If you need to listen to something different, better listen to ”Hope” asap.

The album surprise from the start: coming from a metal background we expected a heavy rocker from Ramos – on opener “Atreyu” we hear a pop-rocker with bombastic beats and synths/ electronics. A catchy song and promising for the rest of the album.
An album which does not disappoints in variety; ‘Blind Love’ has a martial metal atmosphere but it’s mixed with loops, ”The Nowhere Man” adds a proggy touch, ‘Evergarden’ featuring Romero is metallic but with a twist akin Valensia, the Dutch musician.

Perhaps you wonder if such mix of styles / sounds work. Yes it does. It’s very refreshing to hear something different – especially from the Frontiers Music label – and GRÄCE proves to be an excellent vehicle for Isra Ramos to explore a different sonic ground.
A much more than an interesting band / album, give it a try. It’s good.
Highly Recommended


1. Atreyu
2. The Nowhere Man
3. Blind Love
4. The Sinner
5. Snow White At The End Of The World
6. Evergarden (Feat. Ronnie Romero)
7. Fiona
8. Together
9. Atomic Heart
10. Invincible
11. Hope

Isra Ramos – Vocals
Alberto Roman – Guitars
Jordi Costa – Guitars
Jared Camps – Bass
Joel Marco – Drums


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