SPEEDWAY BLVD. – Speedway Boulevard [Rock Candy remaster] out of print

SPEEDWAY BLVD. - Speedway Boulevard [Rock Candy remaster] (2014) full

Whichever way you shake a stick at it, the lone album from studio creation SPEEDWAY BLVD. is arguably one of the greatest rocking albums from the beginning of the ’80s. Fortunately “Speedway Boulevard” received a pristine remaster treatment by Rock Candy Records – now out of print.

Speedway Blvd were a New York based act assembled by famed bubblegum impresarios Kasenetz and Katz. Looking to capitalize on the booming arena rock sensation that was sweeping the nation at the dawn of the glorious decade, the duo put Speedway Blvd together strictly as a studio project.

The production duo gathered a cream of New York musicians together to form the band focused on strong melodies and the killer voice of vocalist Roy Herring Jr. The unit also included future Balance bassist Dennis Feldman and Dream Theater keyboard player Jordan Rudess.

SPEEDWAY BLVD. - Speedway Boulevard [Rock Candy remaster] (2014) booklet

Allowing the musicians their own creative freedom, the unique assemblage of players concocted a potent blend of AOR, melodic rock and a touch of progressive rock. The results were astounding and Epic Records quickly released the album with a massive promotional campaign in tow.

But seems audiences just didn’t have a clue how to take Speedway Blvd and the album tanked. The band never played live and, in effect, never really consummated their studio gestation beyond these ten songs.
Songs (all written by the band) which include the bombastic stadium rock of “(Call My Name) Rock Magic”, “Out Of The Fire” and the Zeppelin influenced title track.

SPEEDWAY BLVD. - Speedway Boulevard [Rock Candy remaster] (2014) back cover

In a perfect world this record would have gone on to sell several million copies propelling the band to international fame and fortune.
But occurs that Speedway Blvd is a fine example of music that was ahead of its time. With sharp vocals, wicked synths and clever arrangements, the album is truly unique.
The Rock Candy Remaster (handled by Jon Astley) is excellent, enhancing the original master tapes with brilliant results.
We strongly recommend this one heartily, it’s a very good piece of melodic, hard rock music.


01 – Speedway Boulevard
02 – Chinatown
03 – (Think I Better) Hold On
04 – Dog In The Distance
05 – Out Of The Fire
06 – Telephoto Lens
07 – Prisoner Of Time
08 – Money, Money
09 – (Call My Name) Rock Magic
10 – A Boulevard Nite

Roy Herring Jr. – Vocals, percussion, piano
Gregg Hoffman – Guitar, vocals
Dennis Feldman – Bass, vocals
Glenn Dove, Roy Herring Jr. – Drums, percussion
Jordan Rudess – Keyboards
Lisa & Rose Ann Rickenbacker, John Marchese – Backing Vocals

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