HOLOFLASH (Michael Palace) – Fusionwave (2022)

HOLOFLASH (Michael Palace) - Fusionwave (2022) full

Fusionwave” is the debut album from Stockholm, Sweden based producer, musician and multi-instrumentalist HOLOFLASH. This is in fact the pseudonym of melodic rocker Michael Palace who has a new solo album as well released by Frontiers Music few days ago.
But HOLOFLASH is Michael Palace’s project to get into a genre he loves: ’80s inspired retro melodic rock&pop plenty of synths, sweet guitars, smooth vocals and dreamy keyboard landscapes. Authentically retro, filled with memorable hooks and inspired songwriting, “Fusionwave” is a record guaranteed to delight and surprise fans of everything 80s.

As one could expect, the album packs a heavy dose of streamlined tracks, with unapologetic pop hooks that hit right on target with the efficiency one can only expect from this talented Swedish songwriter. There’s really cool guitar solos, real drums, guest female lead vocals alongside Palace’s own, and an overall radio-friendly production.
For fans of melodramatic, movie soundtrack-ready Eighties stuff, “Fusionwave” is the album you need to keep your cravings in check for the next few weeks.
Highly Recommended


01 – Stay
02 – Back in my old Hometown (feat. LightYears)
03 – In The Music (feat. Chelcie Gette)
04 – I’m Just in Love
05 – Kefalonia
06 – Aptera
07 – Party Zone
08 – Afterglow
09 – Water Physics

Michael Palace – vocals, guitars, bass, drums, synths
Chelcie Gette – vocals
LightYears – synths, programming



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  1. Neil Tudor says:

    an outstanding album… clear and sharp production (Journey…take note) …. melodic and memorable with synth and keys vying with guitars…equally……… thanks Zero day for featuring ….for subscribers

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