RINGS OF SATURN – Self-Titled [digitally remastered + bonus] *0dayrox Exclusive*

RINGS OF SATURN - Self-Titled [digitally remastered + bonus]  full

Having already made a name for himself with a variety of acts on the Hollywood scene, singer, guitarist and keyboard player Billy Coane would form RINGS OF SATURN in January, 1988. A regular in the live arena, RINGS OF SATURN could be found on legendary L.A. stages at the Whiskey, Roxy and Troubadour, while if you frequented, amongst many others, the Country Club in Reseda, Madame Wong’s West in Santa Monica or Goodies in Whittier, doubtless you’d be rocking out to Coane and his cohorts on almost a weekly basis as they rubbed shoulders with Night Ranger, Racer X, Hurricane, Poison and Warrant.
In April, 1989, Arista Records’ A&R Executive Liz Levy brought label owner Clive Davis to one of the band’s shows at the Roxy, but Davis, who already had his eyes elsewhere, gave the nod to sign fellow LA hopefuls Tomorrow’s Child instead. Columbia Records and RCA would also show interest in adding ROS to their rosters, but with preferences moving in a rap and hip-hop direction, getting a solid offer proved just out of the band’s grasp.

With no major label deal emerging, RINGS OF SATURN hooked up with Lawless Records for the 1989 ten-track CD, ‘Early RINGS OF SATURN’. That release was followed up in 1990 by the six-song cassette, ‘For Real’, again in conjunction with Lawless.
Both released sold-out and the band continued playing all over the West Coast, until in August 1991 the band decided to take a break. Coane was asked to handle lead vocal duties for Cherry Street on their summer tour of the American southwest, but on his return discovered that his old band-mates weren’t interested in getting back together, feeling their leader had already cut his ties with them.

With no band at his disposal Coane took on studio sessions and a host of other gigs, including commercials and TV work. However, as he explains, the singer would also have a near brush with super-stardom.
“In 1993 I got a phone call from Steven Sweet of Warrant to come to his place and try out for the lead singer spot in the band after Jani Lane had left. We rehearsed and started to write a few songs, but suddenly they broke off communications. Not long after, I ran into them sitting at the bar at FM Station, a local rock club in North Hollywood. That’s when I found out that Jani had returned…. he was sitting with them having a beer!”

Now Eonian Records is releasing (limited 500 CD’s) all the material from this good glammy melodic hard rock band, catchy songs professionally recorded with a stupendous remastered sound.
Highly Recommended

Only at 0dayrox


1. For Real
2. I Need You Tonight
3. To See Black
4. Bring It On
5. Electric Love
6. Boy Gone Wrong
7. 23 Starrs
8. Can You Feel It Comin’
9. Walk Away
10. And She’s Crying Softly
11. Last Rocket To Love
12. Stand Up
13. Tell Me ‘Bout Love
14. The Will To Power

Billy Coane – Lead & Backing Vocals, Keyboards, Rhythm Guitar
David Adjian – Lead & Rhythm Guitar
Eric Swanson – Bass & Backing Vocals
Scott Swan – Bass 1990-1991
Mar Tercero – Drums



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