SNEAKER – Early On [Unreleased Songs / Cool Sound Japan only release]

SNEAKER - Early On [Unreleased Songs / Cool Sound Japan only release] full

As requested, here’s the Japan only release compilation made by Cool Sound Records of SNEAKER previously unreleased recordings remastered and compiled on CD under the title “Early On“.
This is a worthy collection of Sneaker’s early years rare materials recorded between 1977-1983; demos for the self-titled debut album and unreleased songs selected by Toshi Nakada, mastermind specialist at Cool Sound, Japan.
The best 12 songs out of 23 were selected from the tapes. We find very strong songs that never had the chance to be included into Sneaker’s debut, nor the second LP. Also, the closing track “Without Your Love” was the last song the band recorded before they split in 1983.
Very good stuff deserving to be heard.


Cool Sound ~ COOL-083

01 – Cinderella
02 – Keri
03 – Looking For Someone Like You
04 – Head Jazz
05 – Loose In The World
06 – If You Should Want Me (First version)
07 – If You Should Want Me (Second version)
08 – One By One
09 – Just For You
10 – Millionaire
11 – Did You Order One
12 – Without Your Love

Mitch Crane: Guitars, Lead & Background Vocals
Michael C. Schneider: Lead & Background Vocals, Keyboards
Tim Torrance: Guitars
Mike Hughes: Drums, Background Vocals
Michael Cottage: Bass, Background Vocals
Jim King: Keyboards, Synthesizers, Vibes


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