SNEAKER – Loose In The World ’82 [Cool Sound Japan remastered +4]

SNEAKER - Loose In The World '82 [Cool Sound Japan remastered +4] full

As requested, here’s SNEAKER second and final studio album, 1982’s ”Loose In The World” in its Japanese reissue by Cool Sound label for the first time on CD and finely remastered, including 4 previously unreleased tracks as bonus.
Following the success and radio airplay of their debut album, Sneaker released their second album “Loose In The World” in 1982 again produced by Jeff ‘Skunk’ Baxter. Unfortunately, Handshake Records that released both albums filed for bankruptcy while the band was in a Japan tour promoting “Loose In The World” in the autumn of 1982. Thus, Sneaker found themselves lacking of label support, the new album without distribution and naturally… Sneaker disbanded.
A shame, as “Loose In The World” is a very good melodic LP with a lot of radio potential – even more that the debut – with that 1982’s sweet production sound.

Sneaker even try something new here as the song “Believe Me Tonight”, the hard-driven tune, more rocking than anything released by the band before.
It is interesting that there were a difference between the US original LP and Japanese release. The track order is different on both versions, and “I Can’t Imagine” was included on the Japanese LP instead of “Someone To Blame It On”.
This Cool Sound Records reissue of “Loose In The World” includes both tracks; “Someone To Blame It On” and “I Can’t Imagine”.

Furthermore, 3 other tracks are added as bonus, including the album title-song “Loose In The World” which, weird as it seems, didn’t make it into the final track list of the original release.
Very good American Westcoast / melodic rock radio friendly stuff from the great 1982 year.
Highly Recommended


Cool Sound ~ COOL-023

01 – Believe Me Tonight
02 – Quit Crying
03 – Before You
04 – The Fight Voices
05 – Never Get Over You
06 – Where You Gonna Run
07 – Pour It Out
08 – Someone To Blame It On
09 – Did You Order One
10 – Nothing From You
11 – I Can’t Imagine (previously released only on Japanese Vinyl)
12 – All Or None (previously unreleased)
13 – Loose In The World (previously unreleased)
14 – Then It Came (previously unreleased demo 1980)

Mitch Crane: Guitars, Lead & Background Vocals
Michael C. Schneider: Lead & Background Vocals, Keyboards
Tim Torrance: Guitars
Mike Hughes: Drums, Background Vocals
Michael Cottage: Bass, Background Vocals
Jim King: Keyboards, Synthesizers, Vibes
Guitars: Jeffrey Baxter
Percussion: Paulinho Da Costa


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