K.K. WILDE – Rock ‘N’ Roll [FnA digitally remastered] (2022) *HQ* Exclusive

K.K. WILDE - Rock 'N' Roll [FnA digitally remastered] (2022) full

Late 80s / early 90s melodic hard rock & hair metal band K.K. WILDE two albums have been remastered by FnA Records. K.K. WILDE released two indie CD’s very much sough after for decades by fans and collectors, selling on eBay for over $2,000! In the pantheon of expensive, sought-after hair metal indies, K.K. WILDE’s first album “Rock ‘N’ Roll” ranked up towards the top thanks to catchy hooks, sing-along choruses, and big backing vocals.
Production budget wasn’t the biggest and a professional mastering engineer quite expensive at the time. Now thanks to this fresh remastered reissue we can enjoy “Rock ‘N’ Roll” with a punchy sonic output and detail.
With K.K. WILDE’s “Rock ‘N’ Roll” something not so common occurs: while listening the album you immediately enjoy all the tunes – Ok … but the curious thing happens next day: you keep humming a melody and ask yourself; where I heard this? Yeah, it’s a K.K. WILDE song and you go n’ play the album again.
K.K. WILDE rocks!

Every band has their sordid Sunset Strip stories and K.K. Wilde is amongst the best of the batch; having been looked at by every major record label (and eventually being signed to Warner Brothers Records) to high profile live shows (starting with their very first gig at the Whisky A Go-Go) to having their music played in television (ABC’s show ‘Life Goes On’) and 2 songs in the movie ‘Showdown In Little Tokyo’ to scoring endorsement deals with Charvel Guitars and Bedrock Amps.

The creation of K.K. Wilde began in 1989 in Hollywood when vocalist/songwriter Kris Kurry and guitarist Eddie Wilde set out to take Hollywood and eventually the rest of the world by storm.
Early on, Kris and Eddie, had been in development talks with Epic Records before deciding to freshen up the lineup with bassist Steve Scott and nineteen-year-old Brian Black (who arrived to the audition with his cymbals in a pizza warmer).

K.K. Wilde immediately went into Kris Kurry’s Music Box Recording Studios in Hollywood to record their debut album ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll’.
Airplay for the song “Ain’t No Doubt” was in high demand and so began the process of support performances. A tour bus was acquired, and a vigorous schedule of cross country shows ensued (oh the stories they could tell and would plead guilty to).
Having songs featured on TV and a WB movie pushed the band even more, with major label interested in release the album with major distribution.
That never happened but KK Wilde made a strong fan base and released another album.

As said, the production of “Rock ‘N’ Roll” was’t the best, with songs clearly being recorded / mixed at different sessions, and the original CD release sounds pretty thin.
This FnA Records remastering improves everything.
Hihgly Recommended

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01 – Rock ‘N’ Roll
02 – Ain’t No Doubt
03 – Queen Of The Angels
04 – Stand Up
05 – She’s Got The Blues
06 – Living In Sin
07 – Round And Round
08 – Inside Out
09 – One Night
10 – Boys Night Out
11 – East Side West Side Girls

Kris Kurry – lead vocals, guitars
Eddie Wilde – guitar, backing vocals
Steven Scott – bass, backing vocals
Brian Black – drums, backing vocals
Rich Hall – keyboards
Rick Hansen – backing vocals



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