K.K. WILDE – Cocaine Cowboy [FnA digitally remastered] (2022)

K.K. WILDE - Cocaine Cowboy [FnA digitally remastered] (2022) full

Formed in the second half of the ’80s by vocalist Kris Kurry (K.K.) and guitar player Eddie Wilde, K.K. WILDE managed to record two albums, both remastered and just reissued by FnA Records. These indie CD’s were very much sough after for decades by fans and collectors, selling on eBay for over $2,000!
While some record labels were interested, K.K. WILDE released the albums by their own. This second effort “Cocaine Cowboy” was taped in 1991, and in fact these are demos the band decided to record the best way possible for shopping labels.
Now not only the album again is available on CD after decades, but also the remastering helps to these demos sound better.

The creation of K.K. Wilde began in 1989 in Hollywood when vocalist/songwriter Kris Kurry and guitarist Eddie Wilde set out to take Hollywood and eventually the rest of the world by storm.
Early on, Kris and Eddie, had been in development talks with Epic Records before deciding to freshen up the lineup with bassist Steve Scott and nineteen-year-old Brian Black (who arrived to the audition with his cymbals in a pizza warmer).

K.K. WILDE’s first album ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll’ was a pretty much hairy glam metal in style, the material on “Cocaine Cowboy” is slightly heavier according to the year 1991.
There’s still catchy hooks and sing-along choruses, just the guitar riffs are sharper. Some songs like ‘Paralyzed’ and ‘Always’ include keyboards, and are much more commercial.
A very good band that many never heard, this is your chance now to taste their music.
Highly Recommended

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01 – Million Miles Away
02 – Cocaine Cowboy
03 – Phoenix Calling
04 – Solid Ground
05 – Paralyzed
06 – Heartbeat Angel
07 – JFK
08 – Without You
09 – Turning Circles
10 – Mystery
11 – Always
12 – Straight To Your Head
13 – You Don’t Own Me
14 – Showdown

Kris Kurry – vocals, guitars
Eddie Wilde – guitar
Steven Scott – bass
Brian Black – drums



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    are you sure this is the FNA release? The tracklist is different

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