ADRENALINE KINGS – Last Days Of Ancient Rome (2022 reissue)

ADRENALINE KINGS - Last Days Of Ancient Rome (2022 reissue) - full

Formed in Austria in 2002 by Austro-American vocalist / guitarist Matthias Schneider and drummer Florian Hartl, ADRENALINE KINGS released their self-titled album in 2004. The band toured Europe managed by themselves and shared stages with big acts.
Still active and currently working on new material, ADRENALINE KINGS are new reissuing 2022 their out of print sophomore effort “Last Days Of Ancient Rome” (originally appeared 2008).
As their name already puts clear, these Austrian guys are promoters of an adrenaline-fueled Hard Rock with strong ’80s influence, alternating songs pulled and played on fast and straight riffs and melodic mid-paced numbers.
While taking elements from the glorious decade, the sound quality of “Last Days Of Ancient Rome” is modern and updated, think a mix of Pink Cream 69, Gypsy Rose, early Ugly Kid Joe, etc.

Songs like ‘No One Cares’ (reminds early Crazy Lixx), the dynamic melodic hard rocker ‘Straight To Disaster’, the more midtempo classic rocker ‘Prince Of Perversia’, and the punchy title track are among the best cuts here.
The band adds a pinch of Euro sleaze to ‘Aeroplane Blonde'(a killer kick ass track), and for ballads, ‘Willows Weeping’ is really good, not syruped at all.

“Last Days Of Ancient Rome” is plenty of melody, hooks, and the guys possess the necessary musical skills to wrap their tunes in a fitting musical package.
Highly Recommended


01 – Onto Me
02 – Aeroplane Blonde
03 – No One Cares
04 – Straight To Disaster
05 – Willows Weeping
06 – Wrath Of The Gods
07 – Fight Another Day
08 – Prélude Fatal
09 – Prince Of Perversia
10 – Call For Inquisition
11 – Don’t Believe Anymore
12 – The Madness Of Nero
13 – Days Of Ancient Rome
14 – Wasting Away

Vocals, Guitar – Matthias Schneider
Guitar – Paulus Unterweger
Bass – Alex Jilg
Drums, Backing Vocals, Keyboards – Florian Hartl
Backing Vocals – Marco König, Nick Harras



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