FRANCESCO MARRAS (Tygers Of Pan Tang) – It’s Me (2022)

FRANCESCO MARRAS (Tygers Of Pan Tang) - It's Me (2022) - full

As often happens with many musicians being part of renowned, established acts, FRANCESCO MARRAS – current guitarist of legendary English band Tygers of Pan Tang, and for Italians Screaming Shadows – they don’t have too much room to showcase their own chops and talent. The solution, in those cases, it’s a solo album.
And that’s exactly what FRANCESCO MARRAS is delivering with the self-explanatory “It’s Me“. And glad he did it. Don’t be fooled by the album cover art – I really don’t get it, far from representing the music inside this CD. “It’s Me” features 10 rocking tracks plenty of melody, of course guitar-driven but where the Hammond B3 play an important role – I love it – and the mature voice of Marras is a pleasant surprise.
Musically this is classic hard rock with melody, think 1981’s Whitesnake, Black Country Communion, Burning Rain, Marco Mendoza solo albums, etc – you get the picture. All really well produced, recorded & mixed.
Highly Recommended


01 – Money Talks
02 – Take my Hand
03 – You Set My Heart on Fire
04 – We Take the Blue Away
05 – The Thrill of the Hunt
06 – Lady of Ice
07 – In the Name of Rock and Roll
08 – Do You Hear Me Now?
09 – Embrace the Silence
10 – Closer to the Edge

Francesco Marras – vocals, guitars, bass, banjo and drums
Bodo Schopf – drums on track 2 (Special Guest)
Marco “Lord” Cossu – hammond, piano
Marco Garrucciu – backing vocals
Emanuele Martinez – violin on track 10



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