TARJA Turunen – My Winter Storm [15th Anniversary Edition remastered & expanded] (2022)

TARJA Turunen - My Winter Storm [15th Anniversary Edition remastered & expanded] (2022) - full

TARJA Turunen celebrates the fifteenth anniversary of her debut rock album “My Winter Storm” from 2007 with an expanded / remastered reissue. Tarja surprised the world in 2007 with her first rock opus “My Winter Storm”, which reached number 3 in the German charts achieved gold status and is considered her actual solo debut.
The newly reissued edition also features 3 additional tracks that were not included on the very first CD edition.
For one, “The Seer” both in Tarja’s own original and in a duet with German rock legend Doro Pesch, plus the feverish metal number “Enough” with guitarist Kiko Loureiro (currently with Megadeth) and the atmospheric ballad “Wisdom of Wind” recorded in China with the Beijing Philharmonic setting the tone for fantastic soprano cascades. The winter storm can come…

Turunen, a founding member of the acclaimed finish Symphonic metal band Nightwish, is globally known for her spectacular and stunning soprano voice. After several number one albums across the globe, she parted ways with Nightwish in 2005 and started a successful solo career.
The album My Winter Storm (2007) is her true solo debut. Carried by the outstanding singles “I Walk Alone” and “Die Alive” it sold over half a million units since its first release in 2007.
It’s really cool to have the album with a refreshed sound, plus the bonuses, being a favorite the duet with Doro Pesch.
Highly Recommended


01 – I Walk Alone
02 – Lost Northern Star
03 – The Reign
04 – My Little Phoenix
05 – Boy And The Ghost
06 – Sing For Me
07 – Oasis
08 – Poison
09 – Our Great Divide
10 – Damned And Divine
11 – Die Alive
12 – The Seer (Deleted Scene)
13 – Minor Heaven
14 – Ciarán’s Well
15 – Calling Grace
16 – Enough (feat Kiko Loureiro)
17 – The Seer (feat Doro Pesch)
18 – Wisdom Of Wind (feat Beijing Philharmonic)

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