DREAM THEATER – Lost Not Forgotten Archives: The Making of Falling Into Infinity (2023)

DREAM THEATER - Lost Not Forgotten Archives: The Making of Falling Into Infinity (2023) - full

Continuing with their revealing ‘Lost Not Forgotten Archives’ series, DREAM THEATER and record label InsideOutMusic are about to release ”Lost Not Forgotten Archives: The Making of Falling Into Infinity”, another volume from the virtuosic quintet’s long-standing Ytsejam Records catalogue reissued, alongside some brand-new additions to this special collector’s series.
As part of ‘Lost Not Forgotten Archives’, the entirety of the collection will be reissued on CD, as well as for the very first time on vinyl and digital, with brand new artwork and packaging. The band have also been busy digging into their encyclopedic vault to find some very special, previously unreleased material.
Originally released in 1997 as an International Fan Club collection, ”Lost Not Forgotten Archives: The Making of Falling Into Infinity” documents in detail the making of the band’s fourth studio album.
As a curiosity, you can hear King’s X Doug Pinnick doing vocals on one track, and how the Desmond Child co-wrote song “You Not Me” changed during the sessions.
Offering fans a rare glimpse into the process of creating a Dream Theater album, this collection has been remastered 2023.

Following a brief tour in support of the A Change of Seasons EP, Dream Theater entered Dream Factory Studios in East Rutherford, New Jersey, in early 1996 to begin writing material for a new album. It was their first time writing with keyboardist Derek Sherinian, who replaced Kevin Moore in 1994.
Around this time, Elektra Records was exerting pressure on the band to write concise, radio-friendly songs. Consequently, creative conflicts arose, with guitarist John Petrucci accepting the label’s plea for change and drummer Mike Portnoy fighting against it.

Several takes and different arrangements were done, even with King’s X Doug Pinnick doing vocals on one track, and bringing keyboardist Derek Noodling to provide ideas, also heard here. Producer Kevin Shirley also was part of the process.
Shirley made significant alterations to some of what was left on the album; most notably, he took the middle section out of “Burning My Soul” and turned it into what would become “Hell’s Kitchen”. Shirley also recommended that the band work with Desmond Child to re-write “You or Me”, resulting in Petrucci being flown down to Florida to work on the song with Child. Following the sessions, the song became “You Not Me”.

For over a year, Dream Theater wrote songs without being given permission to record them; according to Portnoy, at one point they became so frustrated that they considered retirement.
In March 1997, the band was finally given the go-ahead to record the new album with Kevin Shirley producing.
”Lost Not Forgotten Archives: The Making of Falling Into Infinity” is a very interesting insight of the creation of the album.
Highly Recommended


01 – New Millennium (Basic Tracks)
02 – New Millennium (Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Stick, 7 String Guitar)
03 – You Not Me (Basic Tracks)
04 – You Not Me (Strings, Piano, Vocals and Key Overdubs)
05 – Peruvian Skies (Basic Tracks)
06 – Peruvian Skies (Rhodes, Mellotron, Guitar and Vocal Overdubs)
07 – Hollow Years (Basic Tracks)
08 – Hollow Years (Acoustic, Edge & Classical Guitar, Vocal Overdubs)
09 – Burning My Soul (Basic Tracks)
10 – Burning My Soul (Guitar, Key, Vocals, Talk Box, Whisper Overdubs)
11 – Hell’s Kitchen (Writing the Finale)
12 – Lines in the Sand (Intro, Key, Piano and String Overdubs)
13 – Lines in the Sand (Bass, Guitar, Synth and Vocal Overdubs)
14 – Lines in the Sand (Doug Pinnick Vocals)
15 – Take Away My Pain (Alternate Take)
16 – Take Away My Pain (Basic Tracks)
17 – Take Away My Pain (Guitar, Heavy Keys and Vocal Overdubs)
18 – Just Let Me Breathe (Basic Tracks)
19 – Just Let Me Breathe (Feedback, Guitar and Keys, Vocal Overdubs)
20 – Anna Lee (Derek Noodling at the Piano)
21 – Anna Lee (Basic Tracks)
22 – Anna Lee (Mellotron and Leslie Guitars, Slide Guitar Overdubs)
23 – Trial of Tears (Basic Tracks)
24 – Trial of Tears (Lead Guitar, Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Piano Overdubs)
25 – Trial of Tears (The End?)

James LaBrie – vocals
John Petrucci – guitar
Derek Sherinian – keyboards
John Myung – bass, Chapman Stick
Mike Portnoy – drums, percussion, backing vocals
Doug Pinnick – vocals
Derek Noodling – piano


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