TRADING ACES – Rock ‘n’ Roll Homicide (2023)

TRADING ACES - Rock 'n' Roll Homicide (2023) - full

Comprised of musicians spanning three different countries, TRADING ACES is a 4-piece band of rock ‘n’ roll outlaws obsessed with fast cars, hard drinkin’, breakin’ laws and breakin’ hearts. Featuring members of WARRIOR SOUL, STREETWALKIN’ CHEETAHS, and THE CITY KIDS, the Aces met during the pandemic, hustlin’ music to survive while the world froze.
Their debut album “Rock ‘n’ Roll Homicide” mixes sounds of traditional hard rock, some punkish aggression, and old school heavy metal, laced with plenty of hooks reminiscent of the Sunset Strip and spilling over with volume and attitude. At places, think Cheap Trick meets Judas Priest. Think AC/DC meets Hanoi Rocks.

The Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs may be on hiatus (thank you so much, pandemic), but that hasn’t stopped leader Frank Meyer from making music. During the lockdown the L.A. rocker started another band with a different set of pals. Drawing from the ranks of Warrior Soul and The City Kids for a tribute track to Eddie Van Helen, Meyer and friends created Trading Aces, knocking out enough songs for a debut LP in record time.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Homicide blasts out raging butt rock nuggets (ew) like “Social Disease,” “F.A.B.”, “Napalm Bombs,” and “Ain’t It a Bitch” with almost casual ease, battle-hardened skill, and a truckload of enthusiasm. Funny thing, though – despite a different lineup of musicians, a more lighthearted attitude, and an avowed influence not usually associated with his other bands, the Aces end up sounding, well, a lot like the Cheetahs.
The punk influence gets sublimated but the Detroit-fueled action rock riffage isn’t too far away from the Cheetahs’ less speedy works – it’s just got more guitar solos in classic hard rock style.
In fact, ”Rock ‘n’ Roll Homicide” music foundation is traditional bluesy hard rock. And it’s a lot of fun.


01 – Rock ‘N’ Roll Homicide
02 – Destination Insane
03 – Ain’t It A Bitch
04 – Beautiful Sunday
05 – Hello Hangover
06 – F.A.B.
07 – California Schemin’
08 – Hey Geraldine, You Can’t Stop Me Now
09 – Napalm Bombs
10 – Dirty Love
11 – Social Disease
12 – In A Simple Rhyme

Frank Meyer (Los Angeles, United States) – Lead Vocals, Guitar
Dennis Post (Copenhagen, Denmark) – Guitars, Vocals
Bjarne Paamand Olsen (Copenhagen, Denmark) – Bass
Iván Tambac (Torrevieja, Spain) – Drums



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