WASTE DOWN REBELS (LILLIAN AXE’s Steve Blaze) – Mercies and Curses (2023) *Exclusive*

WASTE DOWN REBELS (LILLIAN AXE's Steve Blaze) - Mercies and Curses (2023) - full

Maryland, USA hard rockers WASTE DOWN REBELS are releasing their new studio album titled ”Mercies and Curses”. The album features none other than Lillian Axe guitarist Steve Blaze on all lead vocals and lyrics.
The writing process for the album began in early months of 2020 when the guitarist of Waste Down Rebels, Rick Ayers, had the music for a few complete tracks demoed and reached out to Steve to see if he would be interested in tracking vocals and writing lyrics. This all began to unfold at the start of the COVID pandemic so time was in their favor to see how things might progress and if the synergy between parties transpired.
Steve Blaze wrote the lyrics and performed all lead vocals on the album… but he didn’t touch a guitar for once. The result is a very melodic, modern heavy album.

Blaze vocals are groovy, and his lyrics are, at places, dark, with strong social content, while Ayers’ riffs are mixed into several layers – many of the guitar parts were doubled and some quadrupled to give on overall thick feel.
Ayers comments; “Listening to the first track Steve wrote for the album, I instantly knew this was the direction I wanted to go for a complete collection that became 12 tracks. Also, during the writing process, I had the opportunity to work closely with the musician / guitarist known as ‘Virus’ from the band Dope. Virus played a key role in playing for numerous tracks that are on the album.”

This is a strong heavy album and it’s curious to hear Blaze this time not playing guitar but singing and writing lyrics – interesting for sure. Rick Ayers is a complete guitarist creating a huge sound, resulting in a modern heavy album with melody.


01 – Let My People Go
02 – The Fork In Your Tongue
03 – Mercies and Curses
04 – Seasons
05 – Slave the Day
06 – Fraction of the Hole
07 – Black Hearted Drum
08 – One Minute Closer
09 – The Day We Take Our Own
10 – Solitude
11 – Set My Sights On You
12 – Everybody Wants It All

Steve Blaze – all vocals
Rick Ayers – guitars, bass, keyboards
Andre Michel Karkos aka Virus – guitar, bass


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