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SWEET & LYNCH - Heart & Sacrifice (2023) - full

SWEET & LYNCH, the musical union of vocalist/guitarist Michael Sweet (Stryper, Iconic) and guitarist George Lynch (Lynch Mob, The End Machine, ex-Dokken), have announced the long-awaited release of their third album, “Heart & Sacrifice“. The combination of Sweet’s powerful, high-octane vocals and Lynch’s immediately recognizable guitar heroics once again prove to be an unbeatable combination sure to please the hard rock faithful.
The new record is a bit darker and a bit heavier, which fits Sweet & Lynch very well. The lightning title track got the pole position on the album. With speed and passion, the song blasts out of the speakers. Melodic metal with a descent level of heaviness, that is what you get from the duo. A start into an album can’t be much more energizing. George Lynch demonstrates why he is a real fretboard artist.
Sweet & Lynch have a great sense for exquisite melodies as well. The swinging ‘Miracle’ is an example for the ease the two guys approach the music on this album. They obviously have fun recording this longplayer.

The soulful aspect of Sweet & Lynch has a name too. ‘Leave it all Behind’ lasers in on the calmer tones before the hard rocking riff of ‘You’ll Never Be Alone’ kicks in. The latter is another riff driven tune with a strong beat, being the base and catchy chorus acting as an ear pleaser.
Classic Melodic Metal is what you get with the chorus of the heavy pounding ‘Will it Ever Change’. The verse is calmer with a midpaced groove, and the alternation works pretty well. The roaring ‘It’s Time to Believe’ is a smashing anthem while ‘It Rains Again’ is more complex and it takes a while before the track unveils details.
‘World Full of Lies’ makes it again easier for the listener since the powerful half ballad has everything you want for this type of tunes: emotion, blood.

Sweet & Lynch are veterans in hard rock and metal. The track record of the guys impresses and what the duo offers on the newest strike is excellently crafted melodic metal with some detours into the world of hard rock.
Highly Recommended


01 – Heart & Sacrifice
02 – Where I Have To Go
03 – Miracle
04 – Leave It All Behind
05 – You’ll Never Be Alone
06 – After All Is Said And Done
07 – Give Up The Night
08 – Will It Ever Change
09 – It’s Time To Believe
10 – Every Day
11 – It Rains Again
12 – World Full Of Lies

Michael Sweet – lead vocals, guitars
George Lynch – lead guitars
Alessandro Del Vecchio – bass
Jelly Cardarelli – drums


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