AOR AGE presents: Gems & Rarities [Japan double Blu-spec CD2]

AOR AGE presents: Gems & Rarities [Japan double Blu-spec CD2] full

Compiled by Sony Music Japan International, “AOR AGE presents: Gems & Rarities” is a 2-disc release pressed on Blu-spec CD2 including remastered West Coast / AOR gems from the golden era (mostly between 1977-1984) of the genre, alongside rare singles / B-sides appearing here for the first time on CD.
Featuring rare material of Joseph Williams, Bill Champlin, Heart’s Nancy Wilson, etc. plus forgotten artists (but performing songs written by the likes of David Foster, Jay Graydon or Diane Warren) the sound quality is excellent, especially considering many of these tracks were unearthed from the vaults after several decades.

Among pretty well known artists / songs like Al Jarreau’s ‘Girls Know How’ (Night Shift OST version) or Toto’s ‘Anna’, there’s true rarities here as well, such as the impossible to find 1980’s ‘Why Not Me’ by Fred Knoblock, Frannie Golde’s ‘Here I Go (Fallin’ In Love Again)’, Nielsen / Pearson’s ‘Home’, or Dan Hill’s ‘I’m Just A Man’, all for the first time on CD.
In fact, 12 of the tracks here never seen a CD / album edition.

AOR AGE presents: Gems & Rarities [Japan double Blu-spec CD2] back

The excellent Michael Franks ‘Coming Home To You’, Jackie Moore’s ‘Personally’ or Toto’s Joseph Williams ‘DJ In My Life’, all only originally were released as vinyl 7” singles.
There’s late ’80s material here as well, like 1988’s Boz Scaggs’ rare single B-side ‘You’ll Never Know’, or 1992’s Eric Carmen ‘My Heart Stops’ only released as single.
A Collector’s piece.


Disc 1
01 – Home / The Nielsen Pearson Band
02 – Girls Know How / Al Jarreau (Night Shift OST version)
03 – The Two Of Us / Ramsey Lewis & Nancy Wilson
04 – If I Had My Wish Tonight / Dave Loggins
05 – Helping Hand / The Sons Of Champlin
06 – Here I Go (Fallin’ In Love Again) / Frannie Golde
07 – There’s A Song In It Somewhere / Rosie
08 – Got To Believe In Magic / David Pomeranz
09 – Coming Home To You / Michael Franks [single only]
10 – Why Not Me / Fred Knoblock
11 – Personally / Jackie Moore
12 – Don’t Walk Away / Bad English
13 – Ensayo / Miguel Bosé
14 – I’m Just A Man / Dan Hill
15 – Haven’t We Met / Kenny Rankin [single only]
16 – Learning To Love Again / Paul Anka
17 – Anna / Toto
18 – Time And Time Again / Marlene

Disc 2
01 – I Get It From You / Pages
02 – Have You Ever Had That Feelin’ / Cecilio & Kapono
03 – Naveguemos / Robbie Dupree
04 – Martha (Your Lovers Come And Go) / Gabriel
05 – DJ In My Life / Joseph Williams [single only]
06 – Bix / Airplay
07 – Amour / Carl Anderson
08 – Where Dis The Feeling Go? / Russell Hitchcock
09 – You’ll Never Know / Boz Scaggs [B-side]
10 – My Heart Stops / Eric Carmen [single only]
11 – Born To Love You / George Duke
12 – I Hope You’ll Be Very Unhappy Without Me / Tavares
13 – Early Morning Strangers / Barry Manilow
14 – Spirits / Bobbidazzler
15 – Keep Your Smile / England Dan & John Ford Coley [single only]
16 – You Can Always Buy Her Pearls / Randy Edelman
17 – We Both Tried / Bill Champlin
18 – Love Is Its Own Reward (Instr. Version) / Steve Kipner [B-side]



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3 Responses

  1. Steen says:

    I wondered if you will feature Axas – Broken Dreams (45th Anniversary Edition Reissue)?

  2. Anonymous says:

    fantastic, thanks. I just discovered Scott Baio’s 1982 and 1983 albums on the weekend, never knew he recorded anything. While the singing isn’t spectacular, some of the songs are actually great in that early 1980s AOR easy listening vein. i recommend people check it out

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