REAL STEEL – S/T [first time on CD / Retrospect Records remaster] Out Of Print

REAL STEEL - S/T [first time on CD / Retrospect Records remaster] Out Of Print Out Of Print - full

Here’s a request from a hard rock band called REAL STEEL and their self-titled album released some time ago by Retrospect Records, easily one of the best releases of the label ever. This CD comprises all the ’80-90s recordings from this US band that deserved major exposure.
Do not be fooled by the band’s name: this is Californian Hard Rock with a sound circa 1988. Yeah, Real Steel add touch of US metal on a couple of songs, but musically this comes straight from the LA scene.

Real Steel got moving in late-’80s Cleveland, OH and appeared on a couple of compilations (among them the excellent Heavy Artillery LP). The internet would suggest that they also released a 7″ and a full-length cassette, but I can’t find any real evidence of such.
Anyway, all their recordings were reissued on CD some years ago by Retrospect Records, however — granted the disc is already out of print and fetching overly expensive prices on eBay.

Real Steel opened for Bulletboys, Bang Tango and Gorky Park in their day, and apparently had interest from several labels (almost signing with Warner Bros.).
But — as happened with many good bands in this genre — the story’s the same: having been right around the time of the grunge takeover, it didn’t happen… and the end was near.

As heard in the video below, ‘I Rule the Radio’ is a perfect example of Real Steel at their anthemic, fist-pumping best. Most of their material follows a pulsing pace akin Quiet Riot — at times leaning a touch more towards classic, traditional US metal, notably during ‘On My Way’ including dueling leads ‘n’ all.

Then again, ‘Heat Me Up’ is a prime cut of pure hair metal with a raspier snarl to the vocals akin Twisted sister; the groovy ‘Never Mind The Money’ bring to mind Cinderella, while “She’s Untouchable” combines crunchy rhythms, fluid melodies, and slick vocal harmonies with some Scorpions on it.

As you see, there’s many influences in Real Steel music, and the band blend all together to cook their own style. These guys can change up their sound from song to song and I love that.

REAL STEEL - Real Steel [first time on CD] Out Of Print - back

This is not just another ‘unsigned band for a reason’. Not at all, Real Steel are pretty awesome. Varied songs, very good production – you can actually hear the bass in your face – and solid musicianship.
HIGHLY Recommended


01 – Never Mind The Money
02 – I Rule The Radio
03 – We Are Rock
04 – On My Way
05 – Bad Toys
06 – Loud And Clear
07 – Heat Me Up
08 – She’s Untouchable
09 – Concrete Cowboy
10 – Mission Of Misery
11 – In Your Life
12 – Sweet Ride Her
13 – Just A Feeling

Scott Smalley – vocals, bass
Dave Hasselbach – guitar, backing vocals
Paul Klaff – guitar, backing vocals
Bobby Stocker – drums


Out Of Print

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