MASTERPLAN – Live in Gothenburg 2003 [0dayrox Exclusive]

MASTERPLAN - Live in Gothenburg 2003 [0dayrox Exclusive] - full

Yesterday we featured MASTERPLAN‘s first self-titled CD in its 20 Anniversary remastered reissue, and now we have the band captured live during the album’s tour. “Live in Gothenburg 2003” was recorded February 20th, 2003, Gothenburg, Sweden, and the sound quality is excellent.
The sheer energy of the band in that venue is palpable. Their live performance was nothing short of spectacular. The live sound amplifies their prowess, and anyone fortunate enough to witness MASTERPLAN fronted by Jorn Lande can consider themselves extremely lucky.
While the set may be relatively brief (50 minutes, 8 songs), it serves as further evidence of the band’s exceptional prowess.
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01 – Spirit Never Die
02 – Enlighten Me
03 – Crystal Night
04 – Heroes
05 – Soulburn
06 – Kind Hearted Light
07 – Bleeding Eyes
08 – Crawling From Hell

Jorn Lande – Vocals
Roland Grapow – Guitars and Vocals
Jan-S. Eckert – Bass
Uli Kusch – Drums
Axel Mackenrott – Keyboards


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