GIRLSCHOOL – WTFortyfive? (2023) *HQ*

GIRLSCHOOL - WTFortyfive? (2023) *HQ* - full

Bringing that old school metal feel back to the forefront, GIRLSCHOOL’s latest album ”WTFortyfive?” is chock full of anthems that will have you donning your leather jacket and headbanging to the tasty jams they pump out. WTFortyfive is a kick ass listen that takes no shit. Captivating and hard-hitting instrumentals are the backdrop for Kim McAuliffe’s powerful and gruff vocals that carpet bomb every track.
Girlschool absolutely kill it on this 2023 new CD. The 14th album from the band is a badass display of their craft, ripping through the listeners on every track delivering tasty riffs and war-like drumming. Tracks like “Cold Dark Heart” and “Are You Ready” do their due diligence in showcasing the skill Girlschool has. They’re a tearing force that refuses to hold back.

The production on WTFortyfive is really well done, making the band shine throughout the entire album. Songs like “Invisible Killer” and “Into The Night” are perfect examples of this, giving a nice, clean finish to already polished jams.
This is probably the best Girlschool studio recording in terms of quality production in their over 40 years as a band.

”It is What it Is” provides a vibrant and energetic opener, with some pumping Motörhead vibes. Lamb’s throbbing bass and some chunky riffs alongside McAuliffe’s vocals suggest a good journey ahead. The heaviness of ‘Cold Dark Heart’ maintains the momentum, and suddenly, I’m thinking, Girlschool are writing good heavy rocking songs.
‘Are You Ready?’ was co-written by Joe Stump of Alcatrazz, and it’s an assassi riff heavy track that stands toward the higher end of the quality here. It’s one where Chambers’ lead work stands out, and she’s probably another highlight on the whole album, her performance being consistent throughout.

WTFortyfive is an explosive blast of energy from Girlschool, leaving destruction in its wake. If Girlschool does anything right, it’s giving the listener powerful songs that will blast through their ears. While 50+ metalheads will flock to Girlschool’s newest album, WTFortyfive is the best way for new fans to get into the band as well.
Highly Recommended


01 – It Is What It Is
02 – Cold Dark Heart
03 – Bump In The Night
04 – Barmy Army
05 – Invisible Killer
06 – Believing In You
07 – It’s A Mess
08 – Into The Night
09 – Are You Ready? (feat. Joe Stump)
10 – Up To No Good
11 – Party
12 – Born To Raise Hell (feat. Biff Byford, Phil Campbell & Duff McKagan)

Kim McAuliffe – Guitar/Vocals
Denise Dufort – Drums
Jackie Chambers – Guitar/Backing vocals
Tracey Lamb – Bass



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