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Classic melodic rockers STATION are back with their much anticipated 5th full length album “And Time Goes On“. From hard rocking tracks like “Over & Over” to ethereal journeys like “Touch”, STATION is once again showing their diversity of sound while still maintaining their own unique identity – always inspired by the ’80s.
These New Yorkers not only are getting better and better with each release, they are silently crafting some serious cult classic songs that will kept fresh in years to tome. Yeah, “Over & Over” is timeless melodic hard, however updated to modern times thanks to the crisp production design.
“And Time Goes On” is the kind of albums that back in the day, when you went to your record store and asked for a pre-listen, got you instantly hooked.

That’s what happens with “And Time Goes On”. When I pressed play, I wasn’t sure if I was in 2023 or 1989. In my opinion, that is the sign of really great rock music; timeless. Since 2011, it has been the mission of co-founders, guitarist Chris Lane and vocalist Patrick Kearney, to bring back high energy and fun loving rock and roll music back into the world. With STATION, they are clearly doing that.

One look at their list of influences, and you will understand exactly where I am coming from. The music is everything that you can imagine. Massive melodies, huge harmonies, and off the chart levels of energy. This is the kind of music you lose yourself into playing air guitar or singing in the mirror. Oh, that’s just me. LOL!

“And Time Goes On” is STATION 5th album, and sometimes that means you can dangerously repeat yourself. Not with these guys. It’s timeless stuff, however they always find a new spin to keep things fresh. ‘Over & Over’, ‘If You Want Me Too’, ‘Locked Away’, ‘Something In Between’, ‘And Time Goes On’ are all great, fun tunes.
This is the kind of album that easily could be on regular rotation in my collection, and I suggest that it make it in to yours as well. You never get bored with these New Yorkers.
If you are a fan of melodic hard rock, then this is the album to get when it drops on October 13th.


01 – Over & Over
02 – If You Want Me Too
03 – A Little Bit Of Love
04 – Close My Eyes
05 – Touch
06 – Locked Away
07 – No Reason
08 – Something In Between
09 – Better Off Alone
10 – Around The Sound
11 – And Time Goes On

Patrick Kearney – Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals
Chris Lane – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Emi Asta – Bass, Backing Vocals
Tony Baptist – Drums, Backing Vocals


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