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Inspired by the late 80s AOR, Melodic and Hard Rock scene, NITRATE is the brainchild of Nick Hogg, a Nottingham-based musician who after playing in a few bands in the early 2000s, decided to get into songwriting. He was absent from the scene for several years until, in 2015 he decided to give it another shot.
Hailed by many fans and critics as a breath of fresh air for the melodic rock / AOR community, their three albums so far sported a battery of arena-ready songs that took a listener back to a time when Def Leppard ruled the airwaves.
The new record ”Feel The Heat” continues where 2021’s Renegade left off, mixing all Hogg’s influences from AOR and Arena Rock from the 80s such as BON JOVI, JOURNEY, BAD ENGLISH and especially DEF LEPPARD (Pyromania / Hysteria era). Hogg teams up again with VEGA’s Tom and James Martin, whom co-wrote almost the entire album (and also play guitar & keys) together with Robert Hodson. Alexander Strandell (Art Nation, Crowne) is once again handling the vocals showing why he is one of the most in-demand singers of the entire international scene.
A true belter of an album that sits firm among the elite of the genre.

Siren’s wail and a dancy synth opens ‘Feel The Heat’ and you’re off in a sultry hot night where the neon signs are bright, the humidity is high, the boys are cruisin’ and dealin’ the cops are looking for them and the chicks are scantily clad drinking cheap cocktails. It’s dark and dangerous and right out of an episode of ‘Miami Vice’. Oh the 80’s – if you didn’t live through them, you missed out!
‘All The Right Moves’ brings Journey and Night Ranger to mind and gives me goose bumps just listening to it but updated in sound like H.E.A.T. Loads of lush harmonies and bright keys weave through the arena sized riff and rhythm.

‘Wild In The City’ has that 80s synth again and Hogg’s throbbing bass line lets guitarist Richard Jacques have some fun over the top. It gets rockin’ straight away with an impressive performance from Strandell who rises and falls with consummate ease then we get the rocky ballad ‘Needs A Little Love’ which has a hook so big you could catch Moby Dick with it.
It’s actual ballad time on ‘One Kiss (To Save My Heart)’ – this would have been a massive hit back in the day and features the lovely Issa duetting on vocals.
It’s back to the serious melodic rock on ‘Live Fast, Die Young’ which chugs and throbs along with some wonderful keyboard fills before the bigger and badder ‘Haven’t Got Time For Heartache’ where Jacques gives it large and Strandell gives us some real attitude.

Then there’s the carefully crafted ‘Satellite’, recalling John Waite and Heart at their chart climbing best. This classy track merge Hogg’s AOR ambitions with the Martins’ cutting-edge sonics and melodic rock/pop smarts.
‘Strike Like A Hurricane’ goes full on Sunset Strip hair metal before ‘Big Time’ hits a bit harder. Final number is another wonderful ballad – ‘Stay’ – which again is a keyboard players dream. Strandell shows another side of his voice – and he has many.

You enjoyed previous Nitrate albums, right? Well, here’s another big shiny slab of 80s poppy AOR / melodic rock for you to soak up in an endless summer sunshine.


1. Feel The Heat
2. All The Right Moves
3. Wild In The City
4. Needs A Little Love
5. One Kiss (To Save My Heart) (Feat. Issa)
6. Live Fast, Die Young
7. Haven’t Got Time For Heartache
8. Satellite
9. Strike Like A Hurricane
10. Big Time
11. Stay

Nick Hogg – bass guitar
Alexander Strandell – lead vocals
Tom Martin – guitars
James Martin – keyboards
Alex Cooper – drums
Richard Jacques – guitars
Issa, Paul Laine (Danger Danger / Dark Horse) – guest vocals


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