TOMMY PARIS (Britny Fox) – Erthearz (2022) *Exclusive*

TOMMY PARIS (Britny Fox) - Erthearz (2022) mp3 full

TOMMY PARIS is a well known name for all classic hard rock fans for being the vocalist who replaced original Britny Fox singer Dean Davidson in 1991, previously also frontman of melodic rockers Jillson. Paris is currently the voice / keyboardist in the band Count ’77, but find time to compose his own songs and releasing solo albums in between.
It has been almost four years when we heard the self-titled album of the Tommy Paris Band, a killer rocking collection of songs with a hard edge in the vein of Britny Fox.
Well, TOMMY PARIS is back 2022 with a new solo album under his name, titled “Erthearz“. Almost entirely performed by himself – a few friends appear as guest – and written / recorded & produced, “Erthearz” is a quite different beast from the previous album; this is melodic rock with an ’80s / ’90s feel.
Silently released and only available at Paris’ website, this is limited edition CD featured in exclusive at 0dayrox.

Only at 0dayrox


01 – Ahh You Right
02 – Only Love Can Do That To You
03 – In Her Perfectness
04 – Getcherkix
05 – Blue Bird Song
06 – When It’s Gonna Be Real
07 – Drawn A Line In The Sand
08 – Talkin’ With Your Head Down
09 – Ugly Me – Ugly You
10 – Love Me 2 The Last Day
11 – Never Wall
12 – I’m Just A Part Of The Sun
13 – Ammanic
14 – Wrong Side O’ The Street


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