HIGH SPIRITS – Safe on the Other Side (2023) *HQ*

HIGH SPIRITS - Safe on the Other Side (2023) - full

And once again the auditorium fills up when Chris “Professor” Black invites you to a further 41-minute event on the subject of hard rock and metal with HIGH SPIRITS‘ new LP “Safe on the Other Side”. Black founded HIGH SPIRITS 14 years ago and what began with ‘Another Night’ was continued on three further albums. Each of these have been a treat for fans of well-crafted classic hard rock and melodic heavy metal.
“Safe on the Other Side” does not deviate from that lovely classic sounds – read 70s / 80s. The record is packed with songs that immediately captivate the listener. Each of the ten tracks picks you up straight away and it doesn’t take 10 spins on the turntable before the songwriting reveal its class.
On the contrary. You press the ‘start’ button and you are immediately greeted by the pleasant sound of guitars with a great hard rock ‘spirit’.

Black is a master when it comes to melody and hooks inspired by the golden days of NWOBHM. These elements form a common thread throughout the album, whereby Black manages to give the songs the necessary heaviness. As a result, High Spirits never runs the risk of sliding into the mainstream.

‘Safe on the Other Side’ is characterized by ten great songs that are bursting with power and dynamics. Whether you take the anthemic ‘One Day Closer’ or listen to the more epic ‘(There Will Be) Magic Tonight’, each of the ten songs is worth enjoying. Then there’s the throbbing ‘Loving You’ which leads into the very rocking ‘Please Don’t Leave Me Behind’.
With ‘Memories’, High Spirits have also included a cover version on the album. The song was originally done by Europe and was the closer on their debut album. Now High Spirits have given the song a new life and what comes out of the speakers sounds very good. Black stays close to the original and still gives the song a High Spirits touch and feel.

All in all, Chris Black manages to add another great album to his list of achievements with High Spirits. This record is rock and metal in action, meaning that it is based on heart and soul. These songs come straight from the heart and therefore shine with authenticity, which gives the record that certain extra something.
This is classic, traditional metal with that real, palpable ’80s sound, style, and production.
Another listening delight from High Spirits. HIGHLY Recommended


01 – In the Moonlight
02 – Til the End of Time
03 – Lonely Nights
04 – One Day Closer
05 – Anything You Need
06 – (There Will Be) Magic Tonight
07 – Loving You
08 – Please Don’t Leave Me Behind
09 – Memories
10 – Good Night

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  1. Richard says:

    Do you have their debut “Another Night” available to share? THANKS

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